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Juvenile Redstart...or? Buckingham July 2001 (1 Viewer)


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redstart ed.jpg
Going through some old photos I came across this which I had identified as a juvenile Common Redstart, based on the red tail. However apart from the reddish looking tail, it does look rather like a juvenile European Robin in shape and stance as well as plumage, plus it was in the middle of the lawn, which seems a bit atypical for Common Redstart. So I began to wonder whether it could in fact be a European Robin with an unusually rufous-looking tail?
Common Redstarts do not nest locally, but I believe juveniles can move quite a distance from where they were raised, once fledged.

Alexander Stöhr

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No, you are right with a 1cy Commin Redstart.
Please note: extensive clear-cut pale fringes to tertials, lack of an distinct white/pale eye-ring
if juvenile

Alexander Stöhr

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Again too late: agree with Andrew!
Last sentence is: if juvenile Eurpean Robins have a clear orange tone to the breast, like your bird, it is a pale orange, your bird has a buffish orange tinge.
More, in such ER, there is a distinct boarder between orange breast and whitish belly. Your bird has quite uniform coloured underparts, good for 1 cy Common Redstart

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