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Kazakhstan, Wanders in Central Asia (1 Viewer)


Well-known member
I can only imagine how you feel with the awful events that followed with the Malaysian airliner.

Bet that's the last of your trips abroad !!;)


Mike Kilburn
Hong Kong
A fine ploy to use the Kazakh army as Ibisbill beaters - once one.

Glad to hear you nailed most of your targets despite the bother.

That singing White tailed Rubythroat was really your first Rubythroat ever? - I'm surprised. Still what an superb way to kick off the party!


PS gripped - again - on Black Grouse - I dipped in the Chinese Tian Shan, close to a site for Altai Accentor and Himalayan Snowcock . . .


Registered User
Thank you for another wonderful trip report!
Strictly from a selfish perspective, I hope your future trips don't include contact with the military. They are just too unpredictable to be around.


Well-known member
Great trip report as usual Jos, but where's the rest of the photos, I feel short changed :)

That situation with the military would do my nut in I think, such a beautiful location in sight and you are constantly worrying about being arrested or perhaps the subject of some friendly fire.


ps Kazakhstan is where a certain extremely gripping photo of Oriental Plover being mobbed by a Caspian Plover was once taken:

and full photo here:

Jos Stratford

Eastern Exile
A few photographs to round things off...

First, Sogety Plains and its wildlife...

1. The setting.
2. Great Gerbil (or at least what I think is Great Gerbil!)
3. Pallas's Sandgrouse
4. Turkestan Shrike
5. Mongolian Finch


  • Sogety Plain kz 1.jpg
    Sogety Plain kz 1.jpg
    80.1 KB · Views: 89
  • Great Gerbil kz 2.jpg
    Great Gerbil kz 2.jpg
    107.7 KB · Views: 77
  • Pallas Sandgrouse kz 2.jpg
    Pallas Sandgrouse kz 2.jpg
    39.2 KB · Views: 114
  • Turkestan Shrike kz 1.jpg
    Turkestan Shrike kz 1.jpg
    82.8 KB · Views: 82
  • Mongolian Finch kz 1.jpg
    Mongolian Finch kz 1.jpg
    88.2 KB · Views: 96

Jos Stratford

Eastern Exile

1. Road north
2. Road west
3. Black-bellied Sandgrouse
4. Black-bellied Sandgrouse
5. Long-legged Buzzard


  • Kanshengel kz 1.jpg
    Kanshengel kz 1.jpg
    116.2 KB · Views: 67
  • Kanshengel kz 3.jpg
    Kanshengel kz 3.jpg
    97.7 KB · Views: 61
  • Black-bellied Sandgrouse kz 3.jpg
    Black-bellied Sandgrouse kz 3.jpg
    116.1 KB · Views: 70
  • Black-bellied Sandgrouse kz 4.jpg
    Black-bellied Sandgrouse kz 4.jpg
    129.4 KB · Views: 56
  • Long-legged Buzzard kz 1.jpg
    Long-legged Buzzard kz 1.jpg
    63.7 KB · Views: 62

Jos Stratford

Eastern Exile
More Kanshengel...

1. Caspian Plover
2. Caspian Plover


  • Caspian Plover kz 1.jpg
    Caspian Plover kz 1.jpg
    118.1 KB · Views: 71
  • Caspian Plover kz 2.jpg
    Caspian Plover kz 2.jpg
    97.3 KB · Views: 77

Jos Stratford

Eastern Exile
Little stuff...

1. Isabelline Wheatear
2. Calandra Lark
3. Calandra Lark
4. Asian Desert Warbler


  • Isabelline Wheatear kz 3.jpg
    Isabelline Wheatear kz 3.jpg
    99.9 KB · Views: 58
  • Calandra Lark kz 1.jpg
    Calandra Lark kz 1.jpg
    190.9 KB · Views: 48
  • Calandra Lark kz 2.jpg
    Calandra Lark kz 2.jpg
    84.9 KB · Views: 47
  • Asian Desert Warbler kz 1.jpg
    Asian Desert Warbler kz 1.jpg
    80.2 KB · Views: 69

Jos Stratford

Eastern Exile

1. Forest at dusk
2. White-winged Woodpecker.
3. Turkestan Tit.
4. Yellow-eyed Dove.

Doves were really neat, these impressed me.


  • Zhelturanga Forest kz 1.jpg
    Zhelturanga Forest kz 1.jpg
    124.6 KB · Views: 51
  • White-winged Woodpecker kz 1.jpg
    White-winged Woodpecker kz 1.jpg
    111.9 KB · Views: 59
  • Turkestan Tit kz 1.jpg
    Turkestan Tit kz 1.jpg
    93.1 KB · Views: 80
  • Yellow-eyed Dove kz 2.jpg
    Yellow-eyed Dove kz 2.jpg
    54.8 KB · Views: 102

Jos Stratford

Eastern Exile
Tien Shan...
1. Big Almaty Lke (Ibisbill are on the braided stream at the far end, a little difficult to see on this image!)
2. Cosmo Station (Himallayan Snowcock were on slope in the foreground, Altai Accentor was at the base of the scree slope behind and left of the station)
3. Grey Marmot
4. Stoat
5. Red Pika


  • Big Almaty Lake kz 1.jpg
    Big Almaty Lake kz 1.jpg
    100.8 KB · Views: 69
  • Cosmo Station kz 1.jpg
    Cosmo Station kz 1.jpg
    80 KB · Views: 90
  • Grey Marmot kz 1.jpg
    Grey Marmot kz 1.jpg
    119.5 KB · Views: 46
  • Stoat kz 1.jpg
    Stoat kz 1.jpg
    127.9 KB · Views: 48
  • Red Pika kz 1.jpg
    Red Pika kz 1.jpg
    84.8 KB · Views: 52
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