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Kentucky USA HAWK ID assistance please.... (1 Viewer)


United States
Hello All.

I wrapped up a 2,000 mi car trip this week to see some clients throughout Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, W. Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania before heading back to Maryland where I hang my hat. The amount of deceased birds of prey, mostly hawks it seems is beyond depressing. I pulled over and took a few photos and am hoping to receive some ID verification if possible. A moment of silence for the avian collateral damage of intermodal tractor-trailer commerce.

These three were all photographed in Kentucky as a geographical reference. I took full front and back photos which I hope will assist with ID.

Birds 1 and 2 I believe might be juvenile / young redtails but again, I'm new to this.

Bird 3 was significantly smaller so hopefully the photos will assist in an ID there. Cooper or Short Shinned perhaps?

All assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance and stay safe everyone.


Bird 1 A - IMG_4369.jpg

Bird 1 B - IMG_4369.jpg

Burd 2 A - IMG_4422.jpg

Burd 2 B - IMG_4422.jpg


Bird 3 A - IMG_4433.jpg

Bird 3 B - IMG_4433.jpg

KC Foggin

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United States
So very sad :(

I believe I agree with you on Pics 1`& 2 and 3 looks to be an immature Cooper's for me anyway. Let's see what others say!

BTW, I'm just going to jump in here and wish you a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum (y)
We're glad you found us and please join in wherever you like ;)


United States
Thanks for the input KC, it’s definitely appreciated. I see lot of dead birds driving around and quite a few while walking the beach down in VA when I visit family. They’ve been an occasional area of interest.

I errantly titled a thread on this birds of prey forum a few days ago “Virginia Falcon” ID when they were obv hawks but hoping you could input in the second d bird there. Cooper or Short Shinned, it’s a split decision at this point.

thanks again for the warm welcome!


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Would be interesting to know the cause of death. If these birds were all in a relatively small area and not obvious roadkill, there is also a chance they might have been poisoned or shot. Normally, dead BoPs shouldn't be that frequent.


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United States
I commute about 120 miles a day from NW middle TN to SE middle TN and often see hawks on the shoulder of I-24, very sad. Is that by any chance the area you traveled?
I am extremely new so I dare not guess at the ID's, but was just curious if you saw these on I-24 through TN and KY?

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