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I agree with Mark's analysis. Sooty Gull should look pretty dark (almost blackish) on the underwing and in some of the photos it's much paler. There is white on the lower rump/ uppertail but this seems too narrow for Sooty Gull. LTS often shows an extensively white band with barring in this area and I think the quality of the photo just means the barring is obscured. The white shaft on the outer primaries also seems to appear quite consistently, which is good for LTS.


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Hi all,
Thank you all for having a look at these really poor pictures and sharing your opinions.
I can confirm with certainty that it wasn't a sooty gull from flight style, speed, behavior etc... It even attacked twice a lesser crested tern in the air under strong wind condition. (Sooty gull are indeed very common here, and I see them almost every day)
From a set of external contacts, the majority were also in favor of LTS although difficult to eliminate pomarin from the picture.
Thanks again,

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