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Kids bins (1 Viewer)


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Hi All, my ten year old daughter has become interested in birding. I was looking at the RSPD Puffin binoculars for about £60, has anybody got any experience with them?
Or are there any others that are recommended? Obviously I want them to be clear for her but also easy for her to use and focus. Would a set of travel binoculars be better? Obviously with the current situation I can’t take her anywhere to try any out.
Thanks in advance


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Leupold Yosemite and Kowa YF are decent "real" binoculars that work well for kids. 6x30 is probably best for kids, 8x30 is also ok.


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Leica Trinovid 8x20 are perfect for kids, I've handed mine over to my 8 year old, although she wants to commandeer my Swarovskis...

More seriously, another good option is the Pentax Papilio, the close-focus capabilities are useful for watching butterflies or insects, or even fish in an aquarium.
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I've moved your thread to the general Binoculars thread. It might attract a few more views and opinions here.

An important thing to look for with kids is the distance between their eyes, the IPD. Most binocular specs will quote this distance, it is important that they fold tight enough to fit.


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another vote for the Papilio II in 6.5x21 for the additional close-up capability - my goddaughter got one at 6 or so and still loves it...

Joachim, who luckily has found his mislaid example again...


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Another vote for the Kowa YF/Leupold Yosemite, etc. I've given it as a present many times, and always seen the recipient use them with delight. I would definitely go for the 6x30 version. While the AFOV is not as wide, and so the experience is less immersive than the 8x30, the actual FOV is wider, 8º 140/1000m, so a kid will find it easier to locate the subject. The lesser magnification reduces shakes and gives a very bright image.
Just one note, you mention it is for a 10 year old girl, I think the size is more than suitable, while for very young kids, the width of the binoculars (being porros) is sometimes a bit too much, and they might find it difficult to reach the focus wheel with their fingers. I was playing with a 4 year old boy and the 6x30 Kowa YF and I could see that focusing was not that easy for him.

The Papilio are also great actually, although a little more expensive usually. But the close focus can indeed give amazing opportunities for discovery. However, I've found that a very simple, small and inexpensive loupe (10 - 12 x or the like) is really a great plus with kids. I always carry one in my pocket, and it is able to reveal a new tiny universe. Besides, one can easily put it against the smartphone camera lens and have an improvised macro objective that works great with spiders, flowers, lichen, etc. I have a 10x Belomo triplet and couldn't be happier with it.

pat mitchel

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I don't see the leupold 6x30 porro listed on their website any longer. It does show on ebay and optics4birding, but not opticsplanet or B&H photo...Regards, Pat


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I was given a pair of “no-name” 8 x 30 porro prisms when I was 12 - 13 years old and they served me well for many years - in fact I still own them 50+ years on and keep them in my home office to look at birds etc in the field which it overlooks.

I also own a pair of Opticron Adventurer T WP 6.5x32 Binocular which I use in the kitchen to view visitors to my bird feeders and which I purchased a few months ago for about £60. They are very good quality and (with the eyepiece rubbers turned down) also offer decent eye relief if you wear glasses. I don’t think you could go wrong with these or maybe the 8 x 32s and although I can’t comment on the latter pair the two Amazon reviews are favourable.


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Well, Leica do cater for kids but address a different age demographic.

My vote is for an IPD measurement since if it is under 56mm that has the potential to rule out the Pentax Papilio and maybe even the RSPB Puffin?

Looks like the RSPB Puffin gets good reviews and is available in pink which may be a overriding consideration. Cheapest I can see for the Kowa and Pentax models mentioned are £15-25 over the original budget. If such an increased budget is a possible that also opens up the possibility of a potentially optically superior phase coated 8x32 roof prism model (I see TS-Optics have one and Focalpoint Optics have a used Opticron Discovery which would be a great choice).

Here's a Birdforum thread that may be relevant. Some pictures showing relative sizes further down the page :


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Another vote for the 6x30 porro clones like Kowa YF or Leupold Yosemite. These small porros can close quite narrow and are small and light so are great for small hands and faces. And 6x magnification is perfect for kids.

I have the Leupold 6x30 and also the Pentax Papilio 6.5x21, as well as two young daughters. They are able to use either pair comfortably, although IMO the Leupold is superior optically for general use (vs dedicated close focus stuff that the Papilio is designed for) and they can also be used more easily in a pinch by an adult as a loaner pair.


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Thanks for all the replies, I bought her a pair of the RSPB Puffin’s in the end and they’re really good bins, I have a £500 pair and although there is a difference in quality it isn’t that great. The only downside is I have to buy her little brother and his little brother a pair now.

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