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Kleinothraupis reyi (von Berlepsch, 1885) & Ninox reyi Oustalet, 1880 & Anthracoceros montani (Oustalet, 1880) (1 Viewer)


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Kleinothraupis reyi (von Berlepsch, 1885) OD here

The Eponym Dictionary of Birds claims
Greycapped Hemispingus Hemispingus reyi Berlepsch, 1885
Dr J. G. C. Eugene Rey (1838–1909) was a German oologist, who was born in Berlin and died in Leipzig.

Already solved by the key:

Dr Jean Guillaume Charles Eugène Rey (1838-1909) German oologist (Kleinothraupis).

According Zobodat

* 17.2.1839 Berlin
† 30.8.1909 Leipzig

And fine with his obituary here

Ninox reyi Oustalet, 1880 OD here

The Eponym Dictionary of Birds claims:

Sulu Hawk Owl Ninox reyi Oustalet, 1880
Dr. S. Rey (DNF) was a German naturalist in Leipzig.

The old key:
Dr S. Rey (fl. 1880) German naturalist (Ninox).

If this is correct we have to look at another one Anthracoceros montani (Oustalet, 1880) OD same page as Ninox reyi.

The Eponym Dictionary of Birds claims:

Montano's Hornbill Anthracoceros montani Oustalet,1880 [Alt. Sulu Hornbill]
Dr Joseph Montano (b.1844) was a French anthropologist who spent some time undertaking a scientific survey in the Philippines (1879–1881). He accompanied Don Joaquin Rajal, the Spanish governor of Davao, on an expedition to Mount Apo on Mindanao (1880), the first ascent of the peak. Montano wrote Voyages aux Philippines et en Malaisie (1886).

The old key:
Joseph Montano (fl. 1881) French anthropologist, explorer in the Philippines (Anthracoceros).

So some questions arose. Why a German was send to a mission by the Ministère de l'instruction publique? If what is his first name and life dates? And when died Joseph Montano?

Fore one is according Wikipedia the answer is:

Joseph Marguerite Montano (9 May 1844 à Toulouse - 30 November 1914)

And in here we can read:

Drs . Joseph Montano and Paul Rey of Paris , accompanied by Dr. Juan Álvarez Guerra, uncovered a large an amount of skeletal materials including many artificially deformed skulls and...

Who Dr. Paul Rey (for sure not him :eek:) was we might explore in this thread. No idea why Dr S. Rey should be our guy. I see no relationship nor do I know anything about him.
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