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koslowi/kozlowi (1 Viewer)


laurent raty
Bianchi named three species-group taxa after Пётр Кузьми́ч Козло́в.

Tetraogallus himalayensis koslowi Bianchi 1898:
- [OD] in Ezh. Zool. Muz., in Russian;
- [Re-publication] in J. Ornithol. (1899), in German.

Emberiza koslowi Bianchi 1904:
- [first use of the name] in Ezh. Zool. Muz. (1903), in Russian, nomen nudum;
- [OD] in Bull. B.O.C., in Latin.

Kaznakowia kozlowi Bianchi 1905.
- [first use of the name] in Ezh. Zool. Muz. (1903), in Russian, nomen nudum, spelled Kasnakowia koslowi;
- [OD] in Izv. Imp. Akad. Nauk, in Russian, spelled Kaznakowia kozlowi.

In this last publication, Bianchi changed his mind about how a Cyrillic 'з' is to be transcribed using the Latin alphabet. On [p.45] of the work, he referred to his earlier use of the name with another spelling in these terms:
В предварительном отчете о коллекции П. К. Козлова я назвал эту птицу Kasnakowia koslowi ¹¹), [...]
11) Транскрипция через s изменяю ниже до более правильного через z.
(Where the phrase taken from the main text means "In a preliminary report on the collections of P. K. Kozlov, I called this bird Kasnakowia koslowi", and the footnote translates to "The transcription into s is changed below to a more correct one into z".)
...Then he went on introducing, first, the genus with its name spelled Kaznakowia (type species Babbax waddelli Dresser 1905 by original designation); then, the species with its name spelled kozlowi.
Evidently, Bianchi's footnote #11 was intended to cover both the generic AND the species name. Strangely, however, the generic name went through spelled with a z, but the species name did not -- as early as 1907, it was misquoted as Kaznakowia koslowi [in Ornithol. Monatsber.]; the original combination was still quoted with this spelling in HBW; and it is still so-written in Avibase. Yet, this is clearly incorrect.

Anyway, 'kozlowi' does not occur in the Key at all; I thought it might be worth at least to have it listed as a variant of koslowi.
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James Jobling

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Laurent, many thanks for your Russian endeavours. Isn't it strange that no one has picked up on kozlowi in the last century or so? I have amended or corrected the Key entries, suitably acknowledged. Carry on the good work.

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