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Kowa TSN 883 adapter need for google pixel 3xl (1 Viewer)

Title says it all. Looking for adapter for google pixel 3xl to fit a kowa tsn 883. All I can find are adapters for Apple and Samsung phones.

Thanks and Cheers,



Check out Phone Skope or Novagrade. Might be pricey, but they will fit, albeit in different ways. Here's an example of what my Pixel 4 XL can do through a Monarch ED fieldscope. Your results with the Kowa should be better



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If your phone has a flat back you can use the kowa adapter.
All you need is a cheap plastic cover for your phone, and then you move the metal plate from the one it comes with. It is self-adhesive and if you pull slowly it comes off and can be put on any flat cover.
Just get the one that fits the best, camera in the corner or center of phone.

I got one long ago for an IP5 because I had an android phone with the camera in the corner just as the Iphone. Since then I got a Samsung with the camera in the middle, and it looks a bit silly but it still works ;-)


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Thanks for the advice folks. As i mentioned before, Kowa does make an adapter for the pixel 3 xl, it's just not readily available. I emailed them and received one within a few days from a mis-shipment from Germany, complete with eyepiece adapter for about $120 all told.
HI Gabriel
I had not thought of asking Kowa :mad:


thanks for this
So i" reverse enginer" the Kowa case - strip out the "connector" and then glue it in to a Pixel case ?

that would certainly reduce the setup time thanks

stay safe



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So i" reverse enginer" the Kowa case - strip out the "connector" and then glue it in to a Pixel case ?
Yes, it is glued on with a pad of double sided tape and I managed to get it off the kowa case with all the glue sitting on the metal part. Then you just press it on to a pixel case, need to be careful to get it centered on the camera of course.
HI Joska

well well excellent news indeed!
thanks 😀

I spent today at three different sites and setting up the Celestron is just too much trouble

I bought the Celeston from our local 'telescope guy' who is more astronomer than birder

you live and learn

have fun and stay safe

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