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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

LA County 4/1/23 (1 Viewer)


United States
Woke up bright and early to drive down towards Pasadena today. One of the best birding trips Ive had in a while, more than happy with it.

Here’s the species list for the day

Cackling goose-nice find, I’m always happy to see these
Canada goose
Northern shoveler
Ring necked duck
Hooded merganser
Ruddy duck
Pied billed grebe
Eared grebe
Western grebe
Band tailed pigeon
Mourning dove
White throated swift
Black chinned hummingbird-it’s nice to see these guys come back
Anna’s hummingbird
Rufous hummingbird
Allen’s hummingbird
American coot
Spotted sandpiper
Double crested cormorant
Neotropic cormorant-this bird was a nice surprise.
Great egret
Snowy egret
Turkey vulture
Red tailed Hawk
Belted kingfisher
Acorn woodpecker
Nuttals Woodpecker
Prairie Falcon-now this one was cool, flushed out the kingfisher
Yellow chevroned parakeet-first time I’ve ever gotten an actually good view of these
Red Crowned Parrot
Red Lored Parrot
Mitred Parakeet
Black Phoebe
Says phoebe
Cassins kingbird
California scrub Jay
American crow
Common Raven
Northern rough winged swallow
Tree swallow
Violet green swallow
Bank Swallow
Barn swallow
Cliff swallow
Red whispered bulbul
Ruby crowned kinglet
White breasted nuthatch-didn’t expect to see this guy on the ground of a parking lot
Blue gray gnatcatcher
House wren
Marsh wren
Bewicks wren
European starling
Northern mockingbird
Western bluebird
Townsends solitaire
Hermit thrush
American robin
Cedar waxwing-always make me smile no matter how often I see them
Pin tailed whydah
House sparrow
House finch
Purple finch
Pine Siskin
Lesser goldfinch
Lawrence’s goldfinch
Fox sparrow
Dark eyes junco
Golden crowned sparrow
Song sparrow
Lincoln’s sparrow
Swamp sparrow-this is actually one of the reasons I went out birding today
California towhee
Spotted towhee
Hooded oriole
Bullocks oriole
Baltimore Oriole-there was a continuing bird several days ago. So I’m ecstatic to have refound the rarity
Red winged blackbird
Brown headed cowbird
Brewers blackbird
Great tailed grackle
Common yellowthroat
Yellow rumped warbler
Black throated gray warbler
Townsends warbler
Western tanager

Not countable
-Indian peafowl
-Muscovy duck

Awesome day of birding with 16 new year species bringing my count to 216

Here’s an obligatory peacock photo from my phone camera


  • 645588F4-CBF6-4008-BB99-24E7D43610EA.jpeg
    5.7 MB · Views: 1
With 3 wrens, grebes & orioles, 4 hummingbirds, 6 swallows, 8 sparrows and a whopping total of 90 + 2 species (including a few rarities), it must've been a great day indeed!
With 3 wrens, grebes & orioles, 4 hummingbirds, 6 swallows, 8 sparrows and a whopping total of 90 + 2 species (including a few rarities), it must've been a great day indeed!
Oh 100%! Only wish I had spent more time at the first location-sure I could’ve got the number higher if I’d have done that, missed a few of my targets there
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