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Oklahoma State Bird
Two to ID..I think the larger one may be a Sharp Shinned but not sure. The small type hawk looks like what we called a sparrow hawk or chicken hawk when I was a kid. I hope you all can make some out of my poor photos. Thanks :)


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Jim M.

Choose Civility
The first photo is a young Red-shouldered Hawk. Notice the translucent crescent-shaped "windows" at the end of the wings. Notice also the pale orange "shoulders" and the tail with dark bands thicker than the white bands.

I agree on American Kestrel for the second photo. It did used to be known as "Sparrow Hawk ".



The Daddy Lion
Second American Kestrel for sure, the smallest and most common North American falcon, formerly known as the Sparrow Hawk.


Oklahoma State Bird
Okay cool! Two more I can mark off my list. Very excited about the Red Shouldered Hawk..I have never seen one before so now know what to look for. Thanks! :)


I agree on the ID's, how cool is the Kestrel. I spotted my first from my car and I just so happened to have my camera with me. It was cool.



Oklahoma State Bird
Agree the Kestrel is cool too. I spotted this one from the car way off on a tree line so had to get out of car and track it down. Wouldn't let me close at all, kept jumping around or flying to another tree so got this blur shot of it from too far away. Since then I have seen several but the ones here are flighty and don't stay around long at all. Maybe I'll get another chance soon. Glad you got a picture of one MLoyko. :)

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