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The jetty from the foreshore goes for one hundred metres out to sea
In a place I'd love for to live in that's how 'twould seem to me
Largs Bay in South Australia a jewel by the sea shore
Within sight of Outer Harbour and the Town of Semaphore.

Everywhere you turn to look in Largs Bay coastal beauty meets the eye
From the wide beach looking seawards to where the ocean seems to meet the sky
The Largs beach is never overcrowded at any time of year
Everytime I am in Largs Bay I feel utopia is near.

I would love to live at largs Bay where the coastal air is fresh and clean
Where chimney stacks puffing up black smoke are never to be seen
A quiet place by the ocean off of the esplanade
In distance close to Semaphore and historic Port Adelaide.

Known for it's coastal beauty and it's clean and healthy air
When I'm in South Australia I always visit there
Largs Bay known for it's beauty where the pee wees sing all day
If I really could afford to it is there I'd love to stay.

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