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Last Batch of Convent Bird Paintings (Pt1) (1 Viewer)


Hello All! Here's my last group of mystery birds. I have really appreciated all the discussion around these and am learning a lot. I only had 9 more, and have decided to just post them all at once, since they seem (to me) to be the most general. I am curious if they seem too general and unidentifiable to you all. But you all are wonderful, so I am ever hopeful. As each time before, below is the background information on these images:

These are artistic renderings from the Santa Catalina Monastery, Arequipa, Peru. This community was built in 1579 in the Andean Mountains and in a city with Spanish Colonial roots. It would be unusual to know when or who did these paintings, as decorative works were usually unnamed and anonymous. However, we do know that they often used local craftsmen (so Inca people) overseen by Spanish artists. Around here and around this time, the European decorative art styles were used, but the local Inca people substituted their own flora and fauna. The Inca controlled a vast geographic region at this time, so they would be familiar with the Andes, but also the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Amazon region on the other. These birds might be South American, but they also could be something from the hometown of a Spaniard. So, if a bird has you stumped, but seems somehow seems familiar to something European, you are probably right.

Here's a link to the source website that some of you all have been using: http://www.peruaves.org.

Oops! Just found out that I can only upload 5 images at a time. So this is Part 1 of 2


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Speak softly and carry a long lens
I'm not recognizing any of these, but I suspect that #2 and #4 may be the same bird. Same breast streaks, same overall structure, and especially, same strange eyebrow. Only significant difference I see is that #2 clearly shows barring on the tail, which is not visible in #4.


Thanks so much for participating in my little project. (I knew this last batch would be the hardest.) I think that everyone here in this forum has been so friendly and helpful.

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