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Last bird of 2020 ... and first of 2021 (1 Viewer)


Bah humbug
Don't think either thread has been done yet, might be a bit late to work out what was the last of this year for some (think it must have been the Jackdaws going towards roost for me as seen out of living room window). Pretty sure I'll pop outside sometime after midnight, not sure what I may hear. Otherwise for daylight it will probably be something exciting like Herring Gull or Jackdaw as the first of the new birding year ...
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The last one I noted was White-fronted Goose, just after twitching two Red-breasted Mergansers (last addition to my year list).

(Just heard a White-fronted Goose over my house, so now definitely the last one of the year).
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Farnboro John

Well-known member
Dunnock shouting its head off in my back garden in the half-light was my last of 2020. I'm off out early morning to listen for owls but I will have a look along the brook at midnight for a Moorhen or Mallard. Report later!


Richard Prior

Halfway up an Alp
Yellowhammer was my last species seen for the year, two feeding perilously close to one of next door’s cats, hope they’re still around tomorrow.....


Gregor Tims
Last of 2020 and first of 2021 weren’t too exciting😂 House Sparrow in both cases, in Christchurch, New Zealand


Maryland USA (he/him)
United States
I wasn't thinking about what my last bird this year was. Unless a Barred Owl calls between now and midnight, it was probably a House Sparrow which I would have heard from the kitchen or from my home office. My wife's last bird was likely a Red-bellied Woodpecker attacking a neighbor's gutter which she saw from her second-story home office. (My home office is in the basement.)


Bah humbug
Actually went to bed, but couldn't sleep, heard a bunch of fireworks (and next doors dog whimpering through the party wall), about ten minutes ago got up and opened the window - Tawny Owls calling, some near, some far!

Jeff Hopkins

Just another...observer
United States
Somewhat appropriately, given the numbers of them in the area, my last of the year was a large flock of Snow Geese.

Swindon Addick

Registered User
Last: a robin on one of the bird feeders.
First: a jackdaw called from next door's garden while I was topping up the feeders just now.


My first birds were Eurasian Magpies, Yellowhammer (heard) and Eurasian Blackbird (heard). Unfortunately, all the birds were terrified because of fireworks. (Central Poland)

Mike C

Emeritus President at Burnage Rugby Club
last bird of 2020 - Ring-necked Parakeet (actually 3 together at dusk)

first bird of 2021 - Tawny Owl at about 01:30


Well-known member
United Kingdom
No fireworks here - sheer bliss! No terrified dogs (or freaked out wildlife) just peaceful silence at midnight - then like Dan the man - tawny owls calling near and far down the valley.
Last birds were scolding blackbirds going to bed.

Andrew Whitehouse

Professor of Listening
Staff member
Not sure what my last bird of 2020 was. First of 2021 was, fairly predictably, Herring Gull. Second was Magpie.


Carpe Carpum
Staff member
First bird today was a Robin. Not sure of last bird as I was watching them in the garden. Standout was the female Bully though.

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