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Last bird of 2020 ... and first of 2021 (1 Viewer)


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Urbanised rock pigeons as first, waiting to get fed by me. Just saw a black-headed gull fly over, some jackdaws flying further up. Last I don't know, haven't payed notice yesterday, busy with fireworks. Guess they all were gone because of that.


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Last bird of 2020 was a Barn Owl calling as I stuck my head out the window last night to photograph the full moon. First bird of 2021 was a ticking Robin as I stuck my head out the window some time well before dawn. Craziest bird of 2021 was an albino Blackcap from my balcony this morning!

Euan Buchan

The Edinburgh Birdwatcher
Last Birds of 2020 were a Woodpigeon & Magpie
First Birds of 2021 were Goldfinch & Woodpigeon

Tom Mc85

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Last bird of 2020 was a Blackbird singing in the garden, first birds of 2021 was a pair of House Sparrows.


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Not my first bird of the year per se (that was a Robin) but delighted to watch and listen to that most sporadic and erratic of singers, Mistle Thrush, in full song for fifteen minutes this morning. Also a snatch of Treecreeper song unexpectedly.


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Last Birds were c30 Redwing dropping almost vertically from aloft into my conifers to roost.

First bird was an appropriate “Hoots mon” from my roosting Tawny in the early hours.


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Didn't take too much notice of last bird but Wood Pigeons & Ring-necked Parakeets were heading for roosts as it was getting dark yesterday. First today a Robin singing before proper light & seen perched on shrub.


The last one I noted was White-fronted Goose, just after twitching two Red-breasted Mergansers (last addition to my year list).

(Just heard a White-fronted Goose over my house, so now definitely the last one of the year).
Funnily, the first birds I saw today were again White-fronted Geese.


missing the neotropics
My last bird yesterday was Rufous-bellied Thrush. My first bird heard this morning (rather late, even a subdued small family celebration goes to 4AM) was a Narrow-billed Woodcreeper, which was incidentally a yard bird.

Jon Turner

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Last of 2020: 3 male Blackbirds having a disagreement in the Close outside my house.

First of 2021 05.45 calling Tawny Owl from the warmth of my bed. First seen: a Wren. Then Coal Tit.


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United States
I'm pretty happy with my two. My last bird of 2020 was my lifer Great Gray Owl (amazing views), my first bird of 2021 was my second ever Ruffed Grouse.

KC Foggin

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Last last night was a Mourning Dove and first one this a.m. was a Northern Cardinal.

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