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latouchei / Latoucheornis / latouchi / latouchii (1 Viewer)

Whilst their are detailed records on Wikipedia from the biographies a family website suggest a completely different family supported by birth and baptism certificates.


Ignacy Joniak/Jaśzcak/Jankowski

Franciszka Lewicka vel Karpińska

Michał Heronim Jankowski 1842–1912

Birth 25 Sep 1842 • Płock, Mazowieckie, Poland

Death 10 Oct. 1912 Ussuriland
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Even if James clearly seems to have accepted the added "Heronim" part/name (in the Key's updated entry):
jankowskii / jankowskyi
Michał Heronim Jankowski (1842-1912) Polish naturalist exiled to Siberia 1863-1903, stock-farmer, archaeologist (syn. Cygnus columbianus bewickii, Emberiza, syn. Pica pica sericea).

However, I'm somewhat more hesitant regarding the added Second Given name.

Note that the Polish Instytut De Republica (here) has him as: "Michał Mateusz Jankowski" ... ?!?
Michał Mateusz Jankowski urodził się w 1842 roku w Złotoryi. Ochrzczony został w Tykocinie. Jego ojciec Jan był „dozorcą przy komorze celnej Pierwszego Urzędu Złotoryja”, matka Elżbieta pochodziła z rodziny Więckowskich. ...
Około 1905 roku Michał Jankowski przeniósł się do Władywostoku, gdzie założył najpierw spółkę „Jankowski, Żułkiewicz & Co”, która wybudowała fabrykę wyrobów skórzanych, a następnie księgarnię „Jankowskij i Trusow”. Był założycielem i bardzo aktywnym działaczem Okręgowego Muzeum Przymorskiego i Towarzystwa Badania Kraju Amurkiego. Gospodarstwo prowadziła jego żona Olga wraz z synami. W czasie wojny rosyjsko-japońskiej dowodził oddziałem samoobrony granic. Z powodu choroby płuc, za poradą lekarzy, pojechał do Semipałatyńska, a następnie do Soczi. Zmarł w tym mieście 10 października 1912 roku.
Google Translate:
Michał Mateusz Jankowski was born in 1842 in Złotoryja. He was baptized in Tykocin. His father Jan was a "caretaker at the customs chamber of the First Office in Złotoryja", his mother Elżbieta came from the Więckowski family. ...
Around 1905, Michał Jankowski moved to Vladivostok, where he first founded the company "Jankowski, Żułkiewicz & Co", which built a leather goods factory, and then the "Jankowskij i Trusow" bookstore. He was the founder and very active activist of the District Maritime Museum and the Amur Country Research Society. The farm was run by his wife Olga and their sons. During the Russo-Japanese War, he commanded a border self-defense unit. Due to lung disease, on the advice of doctors, he went to Semipalatinsk and then to Sochi. He died in this city on October 10, 1912.
Compare with the dates and locations (as well as parents) given in post #62 ... :unsure:

Paul, as I couldn't find it anywhere, please add the source/reference where you found the "Heronim" part/name.

Or was it maybe, possibly intended as Hieronim (both versions/names seems to exist in Poland, apparently both Polish forms of Hieronymus) ... ?

Either way, this far, at this point, in my notes and MS I will keep him as nothing but Michał Jankowski (1842–1912).

But, of course, I wouldn't hesitate to alter/expand it, if proof is to be found/shown ... ;)

What the Russian Patronym (alt. patronymical version) of his name would be (after he, during his Russian years, changed/altered his name into its Russian equivalent) I gladly leave in more capable hands (at least this far) ...


Some astonishing coincidences here. If Jankowski was indeed exiled in 1863 and married Olga Kuznetsova, from Buryat Kurtukov in 1877 then Michał Heronim Jankowski is NOT our man.

Attached find the Baptism and Marriage certificates of Michał Heronim Jankowski.

Date of baptism: 19 September / 1 October 1842 at 5 p.m.Father: Ignacy Jankowski, residing in Płock, age 36Witnesses: Antoni Kaniewski age 33 and Franciszek Kaszubski age 50, both residing in Płock Place of birth: PłockDate of birth: 25 September 1842 at 7 a.m.Mother: Franciszka nee Lewicka, age 38 Name of child: Michał Hieronim. Godparents: Józef Politowski and Urszula Nowicka

Date of marriage: 3 February 1867 at 6 p.m.Witnesses: Jan Wiśniewski age 31 and Stansisław Maruszewski age 60, both residing in Płock. Groom: Michał Heronim Jankowski, bachelor, born in Płock, son of Ignacy (deceased) and Franciszka nee Lewicka, age 25, residing in Płock – house number 359 Bride: Salomea Rybacka, spinster, born in the village of Krajkowo, parish of Zagroba, daughter of Szymon (deceased) and Marianna nee Smolińska, age 23, residing in Płock – house number 225. The banns were read out 3 times on the 6th, 13th and 20th of JanuaryThe couple declared that there was no pre-nuptial agreement.

The Baptism certificate of Michał Jankowski from the Polish Wikipedia site states: "In the town of Tykocin on the twenty-fifth of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-two at nine o'clock in the morning. A nobleman, Jan Jankowski, a caretaker at the customs chamber of the First Office in Złotoryja, fifty-two years old, residing in Złotoryja, appeared. in the presence of Antoni Waszkiewicz, seventy-seven years old, and Józef Roszko, sixty-three years old, both hospital grandfathers from Tykocin, and showed us a male child born in Złotoryja yesterday at twelve o'clock at midnight from his Noble Wife, Elżbieta née Więckowska, forty years old; to this child at Baptism The saints celebrated today were given the names Michał and Mateusz, and his godparents were: The Honorable Mr. Jan Dobrzański, Clerk of the Customs Chamber of the First Office in Złotorya, and The Honorable Miss Julia Bardolewska. Assisted by: His Excellency Mr. Stanisław Walderowicz and Miss Aniela Bardolewska. This act was read by the Appearing Father and written and signed by Him alone. Both grandfathers cannot write. X Piotr Nowakowski, prob. Tykociński.


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What the Russian Patronym (alt. patronymical version) of his name would be (after he, during his Russian years, changed/altered his name into its Russian equivalent) I gladly leave in more capable hands (at least this far) ...

FWIW, his Russified name as given on Wikipedia (Янковский, Михаил Иванович — Википедия )
Михаи́л Ива́нович (Я́нович) Янко́вский = Mikhail Ivanovich (Yanovich) Yankovskiy​
certainly suggests a father called Jan (Russian equivalent : Иван = Ivan) -- not Ignacy.

(With a Polish father called Ignacy, the expected patronymic would be Игнацович = Ignatsovich.)
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Thanks guys, much appreciated! (y)

Thus, this far I will keep him as (nothing but) Michał Jankowski (1842–1912).

I'll let you know if I stumble upon any incontestable and fully convincing evidence (or any other incompatible facts).
(though it will take a while, next week I'm going off-BirdForum for a couple of months).


I see no very good reasons not to go with Michał Mateusz Jankowski, born 24 Sep 1842 in Złotoryja, based on the baptism certificate on the Polish Wikipedia where the name of his father is consistent with the patronymic he later adopted in Russia.

I was a bit cautious at first, as it could have been conceivable that the Russified name on the Russian Wikipedia page was recently coined and actually based on the same Polish baptism certificate (in which case the consistency would, obviously, be of little value). But he is all over the place as "Михаил Иванович" in Russian sources, including some sources from the 20th C.

I have been trying to find his signature to confirm the patronymic, but without success. However, on this page, we are shown (direct link to the image : https://arseniev.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/-14308-165-Документ-Конверт-для-письма-с-надписью_-сделанной-М.И.-Янковским-Письмо-на-право-пользования-двумя-десятинами-в-Последне_1-e1669019380894.jpg) what appears to be an envelope with a manuscript inscription, which the page presents as being by his hand, and printed with the name/address of his farm : "Конный Заводъ М. И. Янковскаго | Сидеми, Приморской Области." = "Stud Farm of M. I. Yankovskiy | Sidemi, Primorskiy Oblast." (Note "Заводъ", "Янковскаго", as well as the lateral inscription "За неннахожденіемъ адреса прошу бозбратитъ : Ур. Слабянску." : this is spelling from before the 1917 Russian orthographic reform.) This seems to be evidence, from Jankowski's own time, of a patronymic starting with a "И" = "I".
One more (quick) post ... re. the Polish naturalist, and collector, Michał Jankowski (1842–1912), commemorated in Jankowski's Bunting Emberiza jankowskii TACZANOWSKI 1888, a k a Rufous-backed Bunting, [alt. jankowskisparv in Swedish (earlier also written jankovskisparv) – hence my interest (sparv = Sparrow] ...

In Biographies for Birdwatchers, by Mearns & Mearns (Revised and expanded edition, in two volumes, 2022), he's just mentioned briefly, in volume 1, (even if somewhat inconsequent), as nothing but: "Michał Jankowski" (on p.135, in context with "Wiktor Witold Godlewski (1833–1900)", and (slightly different!) as Michal Jankowski [i.e. without the ending (Polish) letter ł ]on p.344, in the same volume. In the latter case in context with "Władisłav [*] Taczanowski (1819–1890)".

Also note that the same Michał Jankowski, according to quite a few sources (incl. Boris Egorov, see Russia Beyond, 18 August 2020, in post #59), while in Russia, amended his name into: Mikhail (Ivanovich, alt. Yanovich) Yankovsky. In other texts (and languages, or transcriptions) he's a k a: Michail Jankowski alt. Michel ditto.


*In my notes and (Swedish) MS I have Mr Taczanowski as Władysław Taczanowski (1819–1890), in line with how his Given name is written in today's Key. This particular guy, the same Taczanowski, is also known (in various texts, and languages) as; Ladislaus, Vladislav or Ladislas ditto).
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