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Lazza's 2019 list (1 Viewer)


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I've been a bit poor at keeping my lists updated on here in 2018, but will try harder in 2019.

Same approach as usual: I'll be keeping a separate list for each country I visit, so each country's list will be numbered separately. This top post will be used to keep a running count of each country's total, as well as an overall total of species seen across all countries visited and possibly list of anything else of note!

As there will be species that are common across several lists, the list on which that species first appears will be the one on which it is counted as "unique" unless the species is seen in the UK - my primary list - in which case, it will count towards the UK total (which probably makes no sense to anyone but me!)

UK: 86
Switzerland: 36 (9*)
Ireland: 35 (7*)

2019 Total: 102

And, for the record:
- mammal total: 2

* unique species to that country's list
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OK, time to actually add some birds to this list!

My New Year actually began in Lancashire this year, at the mother-in-laws' house near Preston, so quite a slow start. But a few birds seen in the Penwortham garden on the 1st:

1. Carrion crow
2. Herring gull
3. Woodpigeon
4. Blue tit
5. Feral pigeon
6. Magpie

Then headed down to my own parents near Stockport, adding a few species on the way:

Lostock Hall:
7. Black-headed gull
8. Starling

M61 near Bolton:
9. Buzzard

Then in Hazel Grove, in my father's very overgrown garden:
10. Great tit
11. Jackdaw
12. Long-tailed tit
13. Goldcrest
14. Robin
15. Blackbird

And at the local play park with my kids:
16. Goldfinch
17. House sparrow
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On the 2nd, we were back up in Preston, and I headed out to Lytham on my bike, adding a few more common species, and some interesting birds on the Ribble marshes.

At Preston Dock:
18. Pied/white wagtail
19. Moorhen
20. Coot
21. Lesser black-backed gull

At Clifton:
22. Great spotted woodpecker

And then a load of waders etc. at Lytham flats:
23. Black-tailed godwit
24. Common redshank
25. Turnstone
26. Oystercatcher
27. Grey heron
28. Knot
29. Teal
30. Curlew
31. Dunlin
32. Cormorant
33. Reed bunting
34. Meadow pipit
35. Mallard
36. Linnet
37. Great egret
38. Skylark
39. Mute swan


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Back to Morpeth on the 3rd, and a couple of species added around town:

40. Dunnock
41. Rook


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First weekend of the New Year, we headed up to Simonside. Conditions were very overcast and misty, so not easy to see much, and the primary activity was a refreshing yomp with the family, so not much added to the year list. Nevertheless, an early game-bird addition!

42. Red grouse
43. Coal tit


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Second weekend in January, still not a chance to get out properly, but managed to pick up a few more ticks for the year-list on a trip to the Tip...

44. Kestrel

Bothal Pond:
45. Tufted duck
46. Wigeon
47. Lapwing

East Morpeth:
48. Nuthatch


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Through last week, I added a few more species from home:

49. Collared dove
50. Chaffinch
51. Wren


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Then last weekend we had a trip to Barnard Castle to take the girls to a Girl Guides weekend, where I surreptitiously added:

52. Bullfinch
53. Dipper


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In amongst all this, I had a work trip to Switzerland (which was rather disastrous from a travel perspective). As I didn't have my own transport, I had limited opportunities for birding, but managed a few year ticks and a start to my 2019 Swiss list:

In Zonfingen (where I was staying):
1. Feral pigeon
2. Carrion crow
3. Jackdaw
4. Blue tit

In Olten, from the train:
5. Yellow-legged gull*
6. Black-headed gull

In Dietikon, from the train:
7. Tufted duck

And then a short wander around the Park behind the Landesmuseum at Zurich Hbhf (in 6" snow with a suitcase!), I added:
8. Cormorant
9. Great tit
10. Goldfinch
11. Greenfinch
12. Siskin
13. Mallard

* 1 species not yet on another list
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Had a visit to a customer near Southampton last week, and on the drive from the airport to their offices in Fordingbridge, I managed to spot another couple of species for the year list:

Near Southampton (from the M27)
54. Little Egret

Near Fordingbridge:
55. Little grebe


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Then on Saturday, I had a cycle out to the coast, my first this year in the North East. I didn't quite get around all the places I was aiming for, but still gave the list a good boost.

As I cycled north out of Morpeth through Fulbeck:
56. Common gull
57. Fieldfare
58. Redwing

..and on into Hebron:
59. Pheasant

...and Tritlington:
60. Sparrowhawk
61. Siskin

Then, once at the coast, I started at Druridge Bay Country Park, adding just:
62. Goldeneye

Then at East Chevington NR:
63. Grey partridge
64. Canada Goose
65. Whooper swan
66. Pintail
67. Greylag

While a short stop at Chevington burn mouth, on the beach added:
68. Twite
69. Sanderling
Despite being very still, there was really very little on the sea other than a few gulls (no ducks or divers).


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Finally, a couple more species to add from this week.

Firstly, in Morpeth town centre on the Wansbeck:
70. Goosander
(which, amazingly, was missing from my 2018 UK list!)

And in Stannington Station last night heading back from the football:
71. Barn Owl


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A few more from the weekend, around Morpeth.

Firstly, at Stobhill Manor:
72. Jay
73. Greenfinch

Then on the Wansbeck in the centre of Morpeth, on a tree branch overlooking the only unfrozen still water on the river:
74. Kingfisher


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Out on my bike a couple of times in the last 3 weeks, adding a few more species in Northumberland.

Around Linden Hall area:
75. Merlin
76. Yellowhammer
77. Mistle thrush

North Blyth:
78. Eider
79. Shag

Castle Island
80. Red-breasted merganser
81. Shelduck

River Wansbeck, Guide Post
82. Marsh tit - singing in the woods!


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I also had a trip out to Ireland, with a work visit to customers in Cork, Killorglin (C. Kerry) and Dublin. Had time for a nice walk along a sand spit jutting out into the Atlantic along the "ring of Kerry" during the trip, adding several species to my lifetime Ireland list.

Cork Airport:
1. Feral pigeon
2. Rook
3. Black-headed gull

Mondfieldstown (car park stop-off!)
4. Robin
5. Blackbird
6. Wren

Little Island, Cork
7. Jackdaw
8. Hooded crow*
9. Herring gull
10. Magpie

On the drive over to County Kerry, I stopped off a couple of times, although I was losing the light so didn't add much. In Macroom:
11. Woodpigeon
12. Goldcrest - new for my Irish list

And in Killarney:
13. Starling


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While staying over in Tralee, I added:
14. Pied wagtail
15. Great tit
16. Song thrush - new for Irish list

And then on my drive over the Slieve Mish mountains, I added:
17. Grey wagtail - new for my Irish list

In Killorglin:
18. Mistle thrush - new for my Irish list
19. House sparrow


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I then had a couple of hours late afternoon wandering the dunes and shore of Rossbeigh beach (peninsula?), which was very pleasant indeed, if not a little windy. It also added a good few species to my lifetime Irish list, and several new species for the year:

20. Common scoter* - new for Irish list
21. Great northern diver* - new for Irish list
22. Little Egret
23. Brant goose* - new for Irish list
24. Curlew
25. Oystercatcher
26. Meadow pipit
27. Sanderling - new for Irish list
28. Grey plover* - new for Irish list
29. Red-breasted merganser - new for Irish list
30. Black-tailed godwit
31. Shelduck
32. Wigeon - new for Irish list
33. Ringed plover* - new for Irish list
34. Reed bunting - new for Irish list

I finished off the trip with another drive over the Slieve Mish mountains, adding:
35. Stonechat* - new for Irish list

* species not on a previous list


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Last week, had another work trip to Switzerland, to our factory in the Valais region. As usual, I took the scenic route via Geneva, along the southern edge of Lake Geneva and over the Pas de Morgins into the Valais canton.

Geneva Airport:
14. House sparrow
15. Wood pigeon

Geneva plage:
16. Mute swan
17. Great crested grebe*
18. Coot
19. Pied/white wagtail
20. Ferruginous duck*
21. Little grebe
22. Red-crested pochard*
23. Gadwall*
24. Common pochard*
25. Eider - a very surprising addition to my lifetime Swiss list!

I also added a few more species as I headed to work. In Vesenaz:
26. Goosander

In Corsier:
27. Blackbird
28. Starling

In Collombey-Muraz:
29. Grey heron


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After a couple of days of meetings, I briefly called in at a couple of decent stop-offs on the way to the airport.

Firstly, Lavey-les-Bains, adding:
30. Dipper
31. Marsh tit

Then a clomp through the snow at Col de Forclaz:
32. Willow tit*
33. Coal tit
34. Raven*
35. Crossbill

* not on a previous list
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Trip to London yesterday, and a visit to a customer in Brentford, where I added:
83. Ring-necked parakeet
84. Egyptian goose
85. Grey wagtail

And then back home, this morning, nice to hear a singing:
86. Song thrush

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