Leaf Warbler? - Hangzhou, China, Jan 08 (1 Viewer)


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Please could someone help me ID this warbler?
Suspect it's White-tailed leaf warbler but would be grateful of confirmation from all the experts out there.

Many thanks in advance


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Hmmm..Asian phylloscs, everybody's favourite!
For WTLW would've thought to have seen white on the inner webs of the outer tail feathers, especially on the underside views


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Although it looks a bit large in the pictures, i can't really see why its not a Pallas's Warbler. The prominent pale tertial fringes are not found on either Blyth's or White-tailed as far as i can remember, and you would be able to see the white outer tail feathers on at least one of these pictures.


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I agree with Frenchy - looks like a rather dull Pallas' to me too - also I don't think there are records of White-tailed Leaf Warbler from Zhejiang, and especially in winter all records of resident White-tailed Leaf Warbler in China are more westerly, I think.

White-tailed was recorded by La Touche in Eastern China in the 1930s and the race ogilviegranti is supposed to occur at Wuyi Shan. However this is a very difficult species in taxonomic terms - there is another race - disturbans - which obviously gave La Touche, who was a top class taxonomist, severe headaches!

amongst other things, it has pale-tipped dark tertials (like YBr and Pallas's etc) and the secondaries aren't right either. It's also very pale below and has dark-centred greater covs and a shadow below the greater covs etc. The wing just doesn't look right for a Blyth's / White-tailed type

posh parents Paul - it's hyphenated!

John Eaton

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Wow, are there many other instances of two blokes getting there name on one bird, or did he just have posh parents?!?

It's a posh bloke Paul called William Robert Ogilvie-Grant (1863-1924). He was curator of birds at the British Museum. Apparently he originally just called himself Grant but for some reason changed to Ogilvie-Grant around 1902.

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