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Leica Trinovid 8x20 BCA-very new version review (1 Viewer)


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I know exactly what I want: I sacrificed the idea of comfort view, ergonomics and brightness in favor of super portability !!! I know it's crazy, but that's what I want! When I want brightness and visual comfort I will use my bigger binoculars anyway with theirs big and "starved" exit pupils :cool: So, now I really wanted a pair of binoculars as compact as possible. After intensive research, I discovered that, in the world of 8x20 binoculars, the Leica Trinovid folds in the tiniest size and does not compromise optical and mechanical quality. Amazing!!! Trinovid is even smaller than its brother Ultravid, due to Ultarvid's oversized focus wheel. This difference is a big one, 5mm means a lot in the world of pocket binoculars! Here every extra millimeter disqualifying a pocket binoculars, as in boxing weight divisions🥊 And the price difference is very big too, and I don't think it is justified optically, but only ergonomically (large and comfortable focus wheel) and mechanically (water resistant-nitrogen filled). But for me all that matters here is that the optical quality to fold extremely small. That's why I chose the Trinovid instead the Ultravid.
Optically Trinovid is an extremely clear binoculars, with high contrast and Leica specific saturation colors! Compared to the older version of Trinovid 8x20 (1988), the new one has more image transparency, more resolution and it is more brighter day and night. I think it has a transmission over 90%. I am amazed by the brightness of this little guy! It has all the modernized lens treatments the same as with the most expensive Ultravid: phase correction P40 and HighLux-System HLS®. All 6 lenses in each tube are covered with "HDC® multicoating". The only difference is that it does not have the Aquadura layer protection on the lenses like Ultravid. The only downside with Trinovid and Ultravid is small FOV compared to competition models, but for me it matters more to be truly foldable than to have a huge FOV! I explained above that for large FOV I have other binoculars. This Trinovid will stay in my pocket most of the time, being a kind of emergency binoculars, like a backup revolver for a sniper 🔭 I am very happy with this binoculars knowing that it is the smallest 8x20 in the current market and in the same time giving a top quality image!

PS for a more complete review see here in Romanian (use google translate) Leica Trinovid 8x20 BCA new


  • Leica Tinovid 8x20BCA.jpg
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I think the binocular moved during the last photo.

These Trinovids truly are cute. I've always been curious about them but never seen one. Pocket bins really aren't my thing... but enjoy yours!


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thank you!


It is not moved, it is deliberately out of focus, to create a kind of mystery silhouette to see only the idea of a pocket! The last picture is the opposite of the first.
I'm glad you like them!


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Nice review! I recently picked the Ultravid for the reason you DIDN'T pick it. I too wanted to take a step to a really compact binocular. I WANTED the larger focus wheel. I also like the idea of a central diopter adjustment. Great pics too!


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I don’t know about the current 8x20 Trinovid. They sound promising. But the last pair I spent time with 6 or 7 years ago wasn‘t near the level of the 8x20 Ultravid. Yesterday I spent 20 minutes with my 8x20 Ultravid‘s watching a boar grizzly across a canyon. The distance was close to a mile. The resolution of the tiny Ultravids staggers the mind and is what you’re paying for with glass of this level.


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Interesting. Your photos show clearly that Leica updated their coatings in the past few years. Maybe I need to have another look some day ...


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