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Leica Trinovid HD 10x42 or Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42 eye relief query ! (1 Viewer)

A quick update...
I managed to get a good deal on a new pair of Leica Trinovid 10x42s and going by the reviews of several people I was convinced that the eye relief would be ok for my eyeglasses. After even more research however, I managed to get an even better deal on a pair of used Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42. When I say used, they were in mint condition and returned to shop as box opened within 30 days of purchase. I never did get to try the Leicas but being realistic the lockdown in the UK means I would probably have to wait several weeks before I could drive to a shop and try out both pairs. All my research had come to two conclusions :
1) if you wear glasses the Zeiss as much better eye relief
2) if you want a razor sharp image then ... it’s the Zeiss
They arrived yesterday and I can honestly say that for me I am totally happy. Awesome sharpness, really really very sharp imagery and a completely different experience to my old Opticron Dioptron Porro prisms. First impressions were that they were slightly heavier than expected (maybe 60g heavier than the Leicas) however when raised to the eye they are so balanced that they feel natural and you can still hold them still for long periods. The view is very bright and detailed with a fast focus wheel although seems at first very stiff, it allows for very precise focusing allowing every detail in a birds plumage to shine through. For someone who wears glasses they are awesome, absolutely no problems with eye relief with no blackouts if adjusted correctly. It comes with a very comfortable strap and good protection for the lenses. So is it the perfect Bino ? Probably not but it’s certainly the best I’ve ever used. I’m sure side by side the Leicas would hold there own, but f9r me I’m very happy with my choice. I’m now a Zeiss convert and am certain they will easily last the 20 years that my last pair have.

I would like to thank everybody for their views on my post. Buying bins is a very personal choice and if I had tried the Leicas as well I am sure I would have been impressed also.two very good products with their own very different styles and who knows what I would have chosen if I didn’t wear glasses !

Enjoy your weekend,


Staff member

I thought that the original eye cups were not long enough for some viewers, (the ER was further out than the initial extended eye cups) so they offered the longer ones.

Andy W.

Exactly right Andy. Of course changing the eyecups doesn't change the eye relief only the position of your eyes in relation to it. For a time, with the spectacles I had then, the extended eyecups worked better for me, but with my current specs I have had to revert to the standard eyecups on my Conquest HD 8x32.


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