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Let It Snow (1 Viewer)


Good morning everyone. Just came in from shoveling through about 6 inches of snow to clear some ground for my babies to eat. Tossed lots of mixed seed there because I know from past snow storms how many different species will show up for some grub. Also had to fill the thistle feeders....my goodness the goldies were up in the big ole oak tree just cheeping away at me! Sorry kids....mom slept in today. I no sooner came in to get a cup of joe and looked out to see the goldies fighting for space on the feeders. Hungry buggers this morning. Then I got a present from the angels o:D I looked to the clearing I created, and my favorite of all birds, The Northern Cardinal blessed me with her presence. Just one female, but I know big Daddy's watching from somewhere. I've watched their habits, and it seems that one feeds while the other waits. Then they switch-up. She was alone for only a few minutes before the Blackeyed Juncos arrived along with a few Chickadees and a couple of male(red breasted) House Finches.... wonder where the ladies are this morning? There's also a handfull of Mourning Doves in the mix. I often wonder where my kiddies hunker down in windy, snowy weather and how it is that only minutes after I put the food out they seem to just come out of the woodwork. I like to think they are watching and waiting for me :cool:
Have a question...I sprinkle thistle/niger seed on a section of bare ground behind my house late every afternoon because there is a group of chipping sparrows that live in an evergreen bush back there and they ALWAYS eat at dusk. Like clockwork, about ten of them come out of that bush and feed like mad until it's completely dark EVERY NIGHT. Anyone else ever experience that? Is it that they feel safer coming out when predators can't see them? I'm baffled by their behavior. Anyway, I've gone and written a book again! :scribe: Hope you all have a great day. Be back a bit later.


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Tigerlillie, here's a warm welcome to you on behalf of all the staff and administration of BirdForum!

Have read on the news about the storm you're experiencing, so good on you for getting food out there for our friends.

I don't have a specific answer for you about the chippers' feeding habits, but someone on here probably will.

Enjoy yourself on the forums!
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