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Life Drawings? (1 Viewer)

Charles Harper

Hey, has anybody tried to use these dumb 'paint' or 'signature' facilities that come with your software? They seem totally useless-- I can't draw a straight line with these palsied old hands, and I don't see how anyone could. Try identifying this!--

PS: Guess I should have changed the filename, eh?


  • Barn.bmp
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I reckon it's a map of the little known Japanese island of Hirundo. Notice the 2 landing stages on the South West side.

Charles Harper

C'mon-- I wanna see someone else's effort. Is this 'paint' tool good for anything? How do you draw with a mouse? There must be a tail in there somewhere... rats! now you got me doing it.. I'll just get my second coat...


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Here is my attempt with Paint. I like to use Adobe Illustrator for drawing because it smoothes the lines for you.


  • birdart.bmp
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Charles Harper

Hey, that's pretty good, minx. Didn't know you were a southpaw. What is it, beyond a psittacid? So, Adobe will guess where we really wanted the lines to be?

Yours used twice the bytes mine did. I wonder why....

Charles Harper

Ooh, an Uthatch! How masterful-- what a renaissance person you are, Jane.

It's a bitch, ain't it: can't imagine what in the world 'Paint' can be used for, really.

I mean, beyond drawing circles, Alan...

... and just what is wrong with my current avatar? (Isn't it amazing how a handsome man looks good in anything?)...


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United Kingdom

A proper go. Hard isn't it. See "LANG" gallery for what its supposed to be!


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Still listing - I'll capsize one day
Hmmm, never tried drawing birds with a mouse before, very difficult!
However, to prove that it is possible to achieve fairly pleasing results with just a mouse (& a better GFX program + a filter) I've attached something I've been working on - nothing to do with birds though!



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Jane Turner

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I started trying to draw a Pallas' Warbler, but it was clearly 95% of the way to a Nuthatch!

Nice Simon!

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