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Links to digitized versions of original sources of bird names (1 Viewer)

How to decide priority between the two February 1830 publications? Which of them is the OD? It would be neat if it was Yarrell (1830) even if the description was in an earlier publication than the one traditionally cited.

For the Philosophical Magazine and Annals of Philosophy report, there is evidence that it existed as a published work on 6 Feb 1830; plus, arguably, a stated date of 1 Feb 1830.
For the Edinburgh Journal of Natural and Geographical Science note, so far, we only have a stated date "February", which for nomenclature purposes, should mean 28 Feb 1830, and a statement that implies that part of the text was written before 4 Feb, but does not establish unambiguously when it was published.

If things remain as they are, the Philosophical Magazine and Annals of Philosophy should be given precedence.

(If precedence can really not be decided (i.e., two works are published on the same day, or on an undetermined day of two periods ending on the same day), you need a published first reviser act.)
Is not the name on Page 381 Anas Cygneus Bewickii a subspecies name?
Fair use:
24.1. Automatic determination of precedence of names

When homonyms or synonyms are established simultaneously, but proposed at different ranks, in the family group, genus group or species group the name proposed at higher rank takes precedence [Arts. 55.5, 56.3, 57.7]. See Article 61.2.1 for the precedence of simultaneous but different type fixations for taxa and their nominotypical subordinate taxa.

Example. The simultaneously established species-group names vulgaris Schmidt and sinensis Chang are considered to be synonyms; sinensis, proposed for a species, takes precedence over vulgaris because the latter was proposed for a subspecies.
International Code of Zoological Nomenclature .
Or is it non-binomal?
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Is Siebold's Fauna Japonica (1850) available online please? Contains e.g. Carbo capillatus Temminck & Schlegel, 1850.

I found it with a different classification, see picture below

Is Siebold's Fauna Japonica (1850) available online please? Contains e.g. Carbo capillatus Temminck & Schlegel, 1850.
Even if now maybe obsolete, or/alt. superfluous altogether, but simply as this question/topic/book apparently resurfaced (above) ...

Note, if (still) needed, nowadays we find Volume 4 (Aves) of Siebold's Fauna japonica (sive, Descriptio animalium, quae in itinere per Japoniam, jussu et auspiciis, superiorum, qui summum in India Batava imperium tenent, suscepto, annis 1823-1830), [1844-] 1850, accessible in full, in the BHL ("Date scanned 04/12/2017"), with the Plates of "Carbo capillatus"; here & here.

Though, also note the foot-note here.

The text about the Cormorants, "Les Cormorans. Carbo", starts here.

Hopefully of some use/help.

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Quite a few publications not included in the collection of BHL (Biodiversity Heritage Library) are now to be seen in ...

Open Access – Publications of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (here):




Publications of the Geological Survey of Belgium


Publications of the Institute of the National Parks of Belgian Congo




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Occational Papers (OP) from the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan (here):

OP 26 Swales, B.H., 1916.
The ornithological writings of Charles Fox. 2 pp.

OP 27 Wood, N.A., F. Smith, and F.C. Gates, 1916.
The summer birds of the Douglas Lake region, Cheboygan County, Michigan. 21 pp.

OP 50 Wood, N.A., 1918.
Notes on the birds of Alger County, Michigan. 15 pp., 1 foldout map.

OP 57 Swales, B.H., 1918.
The Purple Sandpiper at Cleveland, Ohio. 2 pp.

OP 119 Wood, N.A., 1922.
Observations on the birds of Berrien County, Michigan. 35 pp.

OP 194 Metzelaar, J., 1928.
Further experiments in inheritance of color in domestic pigeons. 29 pp., 1 plate, 1 figure.

OP 255 Van Tyne, J., 1933.
Some birds of the Rio Grande delta of Texas. 5 pp.

OP 256 Van Tyne, J., 1933.
A new solitary vireo from British Honduras. 2 pp.

OP 279 Brodkorb, P., 1934.
A new Pitta from Palawan, Philippine Islands. 3 pp., 1 table.

OP 280 Wood, N.A. and A.D. Tinker, 1934.
Fifty years of bird migration in the Ann Arbor region of Michigan, 1880-1930. 56 pp., 1 map.

OP 293 Brodkorb, P., 1935.
Geographical variation in Belonopterus chilensis (Molina). 13 pp., 3 tables.

OP 303 Brodkorb, P., 1935.
The name of the western race of red-headed woodpecker. 3 pp.

OP 306 Brodkorb, P., 1935.
A new flycatcher from Texas. 3 pp.

OP 314 Brodkorb, P., 1935.
Two new subspecies of the red-shafted flicker. 3 pp., 1 table.

OP 316 Brodkorb, P., 1935.
A new ovenbird from Paraguay. 2 pp.

OP 321 Sutton, G.M. and J. Van Tyne, 1935.
A new red-tailed hawk from Texas. 6 pp.

OP 331 Brodkorb, P., 1936.
A new genus for Empidonax atriceps Salvin. 2 pp., 1 table.

OP 332 Brodkorb, P., 1936.
Geographical variation in the Piñon Jay. 3 pp.

OP 333 Brodkorb, P., 1936.
A new subspecies of bittern from western North America. 4 pp.

OP 334 Van Tyne, J. and W. Koelz, 1936.
Seven new birds from the Punjab. 6 pp.

OP 336 Sutton, G.M., 1936.
The postjuvenal molt of the Grasshopper Sparrow. 9 pp., 1 color plate.

OP 345 Brodkorb, P., 1937.
New or noteworthy birds from the Paraguayan Chaco. 2 pp.

OP 349 Brodkorb, P., 1937.
Some birds of the Amazonian islands of Caviana and Marajó. 7 pp.

OP 355 Sutton, G.M., 1937.
The juvenal plumage and postjuvenal molt of the Chipping Sparrow. 5 pp.

OP 367 Brodkorb, P., 1938.
Five new birds from the Paraguayan Chaco. 5 pp.

OP 369 Brodkorb, P., 1938.
New birds from the District of Soconusco, Chiapas. 5 pp.

OP 379 Van Tyne, J., 1938.
Check list of the birds of Michigan. 44 pp., 1 map.

OP 382 Brodkorb, P., 1938.
A new species of crested tinamou from Paraguay. 4 pp.

OP 385 Van Tyne, J., 1938.
The Yucatan form of West Indian cliff swallow (Petrochelidon fulva). 3 pp., 1 table.

OP 394 Brodkorb, P., 1938.
Further additions to the avifauna of Paraguay. 5 pp.

OP 401 Brodkorb, P., 1939.
New subspecies of birds from the District of Soconusco, Chiapas. 7 pp.

OP 425 Brodkorb, P., 1940.
A new hawk from southern Mexico. 4 pp.

OP 439 Van Tyne, J. and M.B. Trautman, 1941.
New birds from Yucatán. 11 pp., 1 table.

OP 445 Sutton, G.M., 1941.
The juvenal plumage and postjuvenal molt of the Vesper Sparrow. 11 pp., 1 color plate.

OP 446 Sutton, G.M., 1941.
The plumages and molts of the young Eastern Whippoorwill. 7 pp., 1 color plate.

OP 449 van Rossem, A.J., 1941.
A race of the Blue-hooded Euphonia from Sonora. 4 pp.

OP 450 Brodkorb, P., 1941.
The pygmy owl of the District of Soconusco, Chiapas. 4 pp.

OP 453 Brodkorb, P., 1941.
A race of woodhewer from the Alta Parana. 3 pp.

OP 459 Brodkorb, P., 1942.
A revisionary study of the wren Thryothorus pleurostictus. 21 pp., 1 map, 2 tables.

OP 467 Brodkorb, P., 1942.
A new race of bob-white from interior Chiapas. 4 pp., 1 table.

OP 474 Sutton, G.M., 1943.
Notes on the behavior of certain captive young fringillids. 14 pp.

OP 478 Brodkorb, P., 1943.
Two new flycatchers of the genus Elaenia. 4 pp., 1 table.

OP 480 Brodkorb, P., 1943.
The rufous-browed wrens of Chiapas, Mexico. 3 pp., 1 table.

OP 491 Van Tyne, J., 1944.
The nest of the antbird Gymnopithys bicolor bicolor. 7 pp., 1 plate.

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The red-winged blackbird of Yucatan. 3 pp., 1 table.

OP 505 Sutton. G.M. and W.H. Phelps, 1948.
Richmond's swift in Venezuela. 6 pp.

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The juvenal plumage of the Eastern Warbling Vireo (Vireo gilvus gilvus). 7 pp., 1 color plate.

OP 525 Van Tyne, J., 1950.
Bird notes from Barro Colorado Island, Canal Zone. 16 pp., 4 plates.

OP 532 Storer, R.W., 1951.
Variation in the Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris), with special reference to wintering populations. 12 pp., 2 tables.

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Bird records from New Providence and Eleuthera Islands, Bahamas. 4 pp.

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A distributional check-list of the birds of Michigan. 63 pp., 1 map.

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Variation in the Blue Grosbeak (Guiraca caerulea) with special reference to the Mexican populations. 13 pp., 3 tables.

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The birds of southern Bylot Island, 1954. 43 pp., 3 plates, 2 figures, 1 table.

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Two collections of birds from Campeche, Mexico. 20 pp.

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A revision of the mascarene white-eye, Zosterops borbonica (Aves). 7 pp., 1 figure, 1 table.

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Relationships of the cathartid vultures. 26 pp., 6 figures, 7 tables.

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Birds from the Save River area of Mozambique. 14 pp.

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Avian fossils from the Lower Pliocene of Kansas. 6 pp., 2 figures, 1 table.

OP 714 Payne, R.B., 1987.
Populations and type specimens of a nomadic bird: comments on the North American crossbills Loxia pusilla Gloger 1834 and Crucirostra minor Brehm 1845. 37 pp., 3 figures, 6 tables.

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Notes on Paraguayan birds. 21 pp.

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A test of the monophyly of the manakins (Pipridae) and of the cotingas (Cotingidae) based on morphology. 44 pp., 6 figures, 2 tables.

OP 742 Lindsay, A.R., S.C.G. Haas, 2013.
DNA from feces and museum specimens confirms a first state record bird. 10pp.

Miscellaneous Publications (MP) ... (here):

MP 10 Wood N.A., 1/2/1923.
A preliminary survey of the bird life of North Dakota.

MP 19 Van Tyne, J., 1/17/1929.
The life history of the toucan Ramphastos brevicarinatus.

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The birds of northern Petén Guatemala.

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The discovery of the nest of the Colima Warbler (Vermivora crissalis).

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The birds of Brewster County, Texas.

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The life history of Henslow's Sparrow, Passerherbulus henslowi (Audubon).

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The birds of Buckeye Lake, Ohio.

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Birds from the gulf lowlands of southern Mexico.

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Studies of the nesting birds of the Edwin S. George Reserve, Part I: The Vireos.

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The birds of Michigan.

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A systematic study of the avian family Fringillidae, based on the structure of the skull.

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The myology of the pectoral appendage of three genera of American cuckoos.

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Great Blue Heron: behavior at the nest.

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Bacula of North American mammals.

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The breeding biology of the Acadian Flycatcher.

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The biology of the elf owl, Micrathene whitneyi.

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Osteology and myology of the head and neck of the pied-billed grebes (Podilymbus).

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Systematics and evolutionary relationships among the herons (Ardeidae).

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Species limits in the indigobirds (Ploceidae, Vidua) of West Africa: mouth mimicry, song mimicry, and description of new species.

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A distributional checklist of the birds of Michigan.

MP 172 Goodman S.M., Meininger P.L., Mulliz W.C., 1/1/1986.
The birds of the Egyptian western desert.

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Type specimens of birds in the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

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Phylogenetic analysis of avian hindlimb musculature.

MP 188 Storer R.W., 1/1/2000.
The metazoan parasite fauna of grebes (Aves: Podicipediformes) and its relationship to the birds' biology.

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The metazoan parasite fauna of loons (Aves: Gaviiformes), its relationship to the birds' evolutionary history and biology, and a comparison with the parasite fauna of grebes.

MP 194 Payne R.B., 1/1/2005.
Nestling mouth markings and colors of old world finches Estrildidae: mimicry and coevolution of nesting finches and their Vidua brood parasites.

MP 195 Binford L.C., 1/1/2006.
Birds of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan.


Hi all

I search in vain for Tome 5 of Buffon's "Histoire Naturelle des oiseaux". Do you know where I can find it? He doesn't seem to be on Biodiversity Heritage Library


Somebody knows in which volume are the engravings and the illustrated plates of the Nouveau dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle printed by Deterville (1816-18)?
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Where can I find a scan of the original diagnosis for the genus Aethia Merrem 1788?

Peters 1934 has: Vers. Grundr. Allg. Gesch. nat. Eintheil. Vog., 1, Tentamen Nat. Syst. Av., 1788, p. 7, 13, 20.

This is "Versuch eines Grundrisses zur allgemeinen Geschichte und natürlichen Eintheilung der Vögel"

The name is mentioned by Richmond 1927 p. 340 – he had not seen the original but cites Hartert


Hartert 1916 p. 340

v. 23 (1916) - Novitates zoologicae - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Hartert mentions both a German and a Latin edition: "Tentamen Naturalis Systematis Avium"
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Confusingly Merrem published a journal article in 1812-1813 with the Latin title mentioned above: "Tentamen Naturalis Systematis Avium" - see
Merrem, B. (1812–1813). "Tentamen Naturalis Systematis Avium". Abhandlungen der physikalischen Klasse der Königlich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften: 237–259.
A scan is available from BHL:
1812-13 - Abhandlungen der physikalischen Klasse der Königlich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften - Biodiversity Heritage Library
I haven't found any mention of Aethia - although Alca is listed on p. 254. Searching is difficult as the OCR is poor.
Where can I find a scan of the original diagnosis for the genus Aethia Merrem 1788?
Peter, first, as I see that you're a fairly "New Member": Welcome to BirdForum, and the Bird Name Etymology subsection!

With that said, I also gave it a try, but neither I can find a digitized copy of Merrem's genus Æthia (of either 1787, or 1788) ...

I couldn't get any closer than this review, in Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung, from April 1789 (all in German).

And, I assume you've seen Bohle's Book (from 2015); Von der Naturgeschichte zur Zoologie: Blasius Merrem und die Entwicklung der Zoologie an der Universität Marburg ... , if not see here; No. "(8)", and footnote "394" (as well, all in German). Or this Paper, by Bohle & Mecke (2017).

Looks like it might be tricky to find even a Physical copy!

Either way; Good luck finding it.


PS. Also see the Key to Scientic Names.
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