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Little Stint or Semipalmated Sandpiper (1 Viewer)


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Hi Guys,
I would like your help with this bird which i saw on Monday December 04, on the south coast of Barbados. Is it a Stint or Semi?


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Stick my neck out without properly consulting references: I'd say stint for the following reasons. Semi should have a fatter-bellied more portly jizz than this; wings clearly extend well beyond tail; primaries well beyond tertials; some vague evidence of white "tram lines" down the back.


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Semipalmated until unilaterally proven otherwise - for what would be an extraordinary 3rd ever record for all the West Indies (according to eBird data). Little Stint has only been seen from Barbados in April and May - in 1997 and 1999.


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OK, after a bit more research, and in particular this :


I now think it's probably an abnormal semi. The main thing in favour of the stint is wing length. Some us sites state this is an important diagnostic. On the other hand, the white tramlines are not as strong as classic little stint and there's no real sign of a split supercilium. The overall plumage tone lacks any rufous. The clincher probably _is_ the anchor shaped scaps (a quick look implied that either might have fully dark centred feathers but only semi the anchors). Sorry about that...


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thanks. Semi it is and thank for pointing out why I would now be able to tell them apart

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