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Long shot. Terrible recording of nocturnal bird call in Dhaka, Bangladesh (1 Viewer)

Seth Miller

Well-known member
Needed a drink at 5 this morning and happened to hear what I first thought was a Collared Scops Owl (would've been pretty surprised to find one in the city here). Then I went out on our veranda and heard a call from a different direction, that to me sounded like some species of owl, but can't pin it down. I was also hearing Rock Pigeons though this sounded quite different and from a different direction. Unfortunately my recording is absolutely trashy (fairly cheap smartphones recording, what can I expect...) . The call can just barely be made out from the Rock Pigeons coos. It is clearly lower and you can see it on the sonogram just beneath the pigeons calls. Calls are at :02, :11-12, :16-18.

TBH, I'm not completely sure it's an owl. I thought of Greater Coucal, but their calls are usually faster paced I think. Common owls in this area are Barn Owls (though I've actually never seen or heard them). There are also Brown Boobooks and Spotted Owlets. None of those calls match, and didn't find any other owl calls that matched from any that have been seen in Bangladesh.

I downloaded Audacity, but haven't been able to figure it out in the brief amount of time I've spend on it.

Any tips would be appreciated. Either on ID or on recordings and Audacity.

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Seth Miller

Well-known member
Sounds like a Spotted Dove.

Yes, my bad. The main call you can hear is Spotted Dove, not Rock Pigeon. But there is another call almost drowned out by it. I pointed out the times in my first post. If you look at the sonogram you can see it beneath the doves cooing.

I'm hoping to try again a little earlier one of these next two days and see if I hear it again and can get a better recording...

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