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Hi, im visiting the Looe/Plymouth area for a week with friends and plan on a few birding excursions to fill some holes in my list plus any good local birding. What are my best bets for seawatching, specifically for petrels, Cory's and Balearic Shears plus Chough, Dartford Warbler and Cirl Bunting. I am prepared for some decent drives (going to visit lizard so any info on the choughs there would be fab). Im a responsible birder and will respect any info given in confidence.

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Nightjars are fairly easy to see around Haldon if you pick a nice warm evening in June. It will take you about forty five minutes to get there from Plymouth.
If you are staying in Plymouth then the nearest place for Cirl Buntings is Wembury. Park in the National Trust car park and walk west along the coastal footpath. Check all the hedges especially around the horse stables and sewage works.
You will have to go to the Lizard for Chough. If you go to Haldon for the Nightjars then the East Devon Commons near by are good for Dartford Warbler, especially Aylesbeare Common. Nightjars there as well. Send me a PM if you want any further information. Roger

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You could book a fishing trip from Looe for seabirds. No guarantees on how far out you'd be able to get (depends on winds and tides etc). Shark-fishing boats go out the furthest. There are birds out there! I saw my first Great Shearwater on a trip from Looe which followed the boat for quite a long time as the skipper gutted fish on our way back in. We had sailed west and were off Fowey with land well in sight. Only disadvantage with these boats is that they roll a lot and are really too low in the water, so if you get seasick (I don't!) that could be a problem. It can be difficult to stay on birds when you pick them up too. Anyway, try it and see.


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Hannafore, Looe is a good area for seawatching in the right conditions, as well as Rame Head. Balearic Shearwater can be seen from both sites.
If you go for the Choughs at the Lizard, then Dartford Warbler are probable at Kynance Cove but get there early before the crowds.
P.M. for more info.

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