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Looking for suggestions on mirrorless camera and associated lenses (1 Viewer)


United States
Hi. I've really been enjoying birding here in Orlando, FL and am looking to invest in a new camera. For starters, I'm currently using a Canon 5D and usually use an EF 28-300mm lens while birding. Both are from 2006 and weren't purchased with birding in mind at the time. I want to go mirrorless and am not committed to Canon. I also would like a focal length of around 600mm. Any suggestions for an initial setup (body and lens) that would be around $8K or so? Thanks!
I recently bought a Canon R5 + a RF 100-500 lens. This is an awesome combination, and from the reviews I have read/watched. If you'd add a 1.4 extender, your are close to where you want to be focal length-wise, and not far away in price. The bird eye focal tracking is phenomenal. It will take some time to get all set up to your personal liking and of course needs some practice (and patience -- hint at self!!), but is great fun!
I'd suggest the Olympus (now actually OMD) OM-1 which also has bird AI. They've been doing mirrorless years longer than the canikon folks. For the lens you'd have zoom choices of the Oly 100-400 (800mm full frame equivalent with the 2x crop factor of micro 4/3), the Pana-Leica 100-400mm (a super light quality lens and 800mm equivalent) or the Oly 150-400mm f4.5 continuous aperture with built in 1.25x converter (1000mm ff equivalent with extender activated--you can add a 2x extender to get a mind blowing 2000mm). (Though the last would put you a bit over your budget since it is $7500 for just the lens). For prime there is the Oly 300mm f4 (600mm equivalent) with 1.4 or 2x converters.
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Thanks for the great suggestions. I really like the idea of an R5 paired with the 100-500mm and the 1.4x. To be honest, I've seen the mention of the R5 in online reviews and should have paid more attention. I was looking at a Nikon Z9 only because the Z6iii release seemed iffy in terms of time and likelihood. The same applies to the release of their 200-600mm, but at least it sounds likely. Of course all of that would all be more expensive as well, and I wasn't hearing the best reviews about Nikon's AF for birds in flight as compared to Canon's AF. Plus, I have some other Canon EF lenses, but it looks they will need an adapter.
Canon EF lenses generally adapt extremely well to the RF mount, AF and all. Even some third party EF lenses adapt well - there are many people out there who use the popular and relatively cheap Sigma 150-600 C alongside the Canon R5, R6 or R7, and find great success with the bird eye AF, even despite some known focus pulsing issues with this particular lens when adapted to the RF mount cameras. Since you have a good budget, you can afford the RF 100-500 if you go this route though, so that's not a big issue for you! Getting the adapter alongside the camera is worth it if you want to go that route and don't want to replace your existing EF lenses.
Plus, I have some other Canon EF lenses, but it looks they will need an adapter.
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