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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Lyme Regis Birding - or an even quieter Backwater (1 Viewer)

Hi Roger,

A drake Long-tailed Duck was seen yesterday at the mouth of the harbour (Lyme). Well worth keeping your eye out for as they are stunning birds!


Another very high tide today, but without the very rough sea you could make it to behind the aquarium if not the end of the Cobb!

17 Purple Sandpipers in the rock wall behind the aquarium & making flights round the Cobb!
No sighting of the Spotted Sandpiper.

Usual large number of Rock Pipits on the Cobb and along to Church Cliffs.

A single Dipper flying down the Lim towards Higher Mill Flats.


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No wind but a very large swell this morning - waves washing over the rock armour at the end of the Cobb.

Quite a few Meadow Pipits among the Rock Pipits and Pied Wagtails on Monmouth beach. All were standing near patches of seaweed and stretching up to pick out passing flies ...

Only 3 Purple Sandpipers in the wall below the aquarium.

Grey Wagtail near the Lim Mouth.

Male Black Redstart in front of the Marine Theatre.

No sighting of any Dippers this morning.
13 Purple Sandpipers on the Rock Armour/Cobb Wall.

Several Pied Wagtails on the Cobb.

1 Oystercatcher on the Cobb beach

Forgot about the Mediterranean Gull E of Church Cliffs.....

Mallards seem to have taken over the Dipper's preferred stones in the Lim!
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Not a particularly high tide when I visited this morning but the sea already pounding the Cobb and being blown over the rock armour.

I had to take the lower level to the end - 5 Purple Sandpipers on the leeward side of the rock armour.

Even the Pied Wagtails and Rock Pipits were keeping behind the Cobb wall.

2 Mediterranean Gulls on the sea to the E of Lyme.
On SATURDAY I made a quick visit to the Seaton reserve.

On the bushes beside the field study centre thrushes and blackbirds were busy gobbling up the sloes - often having considerable difficulty getting them down!


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Quite sheltered on the main beach but waves still breaking over the Cobb and Rock Armour this morning.

15+ Purple Sandpipers in the wall behind the Aquarium - most well tucked in!
Dozens of Rock Pipits on the Cobb and Monmouth beach. A large number of BH gulls in the surf just off Monmouth beach.

4 Mallards in the harbour!

More BH gulls plus several GBB Gulls on the North Wall

Pied Wagtails spread all along the sea front - from the Harbour to Church Cliffs.

2 Dippers flying up the Lim, splashing down in the pool below Horn Bridge.
Very calm and quite warm in Lyme today.

Dipper sitting on the branch across the Lim below Horn Bridge.

Guillimot fishing near the rocks below Church Cliffs.

Dozens of Rock Pipits on the Cobb and Monmouth beach - just a few Meadow Pipits amongst them.

The SPOTTED SANDPIPER has returned to the Cobb, joining the 15 Purple Sandpipers on the beach and Cobb.


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Tawny Owls calling all evening from the trees round our garden - I can now add them to the list of birds I CAN still hear - ie seagulls, crows etc!

Garden birds now returning to our feeder - Nuthatch, Goldcrest and 2 Robins.

Dull, warm and very calm this morning with quite a low tide. Just 1 Purple Sandpiper in the Cobb area with the usual Pied Wagtails and Rock Pipits. No sighting of the Spotted Sandpiper (or yesterday).

2 Oystercatchers, Grey Heron and about 7 Purple Sandpipers feeding on the ledges below Church Cliffs. 2 Mediterranean Gulls in the sea further east.

While at the cliffs 12 Purple Sandpipers took off - dropping off about 5 with the others returning to the Cobb.
I'm sorry that the 2 birders missed the Spotter Sandpiper at Lyme this morning - it certainly could not be located at the time. I returned to the Cobb at 12:30, when the tide had covered most of the exposed rocks (still 4hrs to high tide) and it was asleep about 1/3 of the way along the rock armour. It woke and continued to feed on the rock armour until I left at 12:50. It was much more distant than my last encounter.

The first image shows its location on the Cobb - the rock with the blasting hole is easily identified!


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What a contrast to yesterday - gale-force gusts of wind over the Cobb and very choppy sea: at least wind-surfers seemed to be enjoying the conditions. Only bird visible was a Cormorant clinging to the day marker at the end of the rock armour.
A few Pied Wagtails along the more sheltered Marine Parade.

4 Purple Sandpipers far out on the ledges below Church Cliffs and 2 Mediterranean Gulls nearby.

Wishing all followers of Birdforum a very Happy Christmas and the best of birding in the New Year.


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Back from Christmas and down to the Cobb early. Started fine but some very heavy showers - much sunnier PM.

Nothing to see on the Cobb.

2 Mediterranean Gulls swimming off E Cliff and a Great Crested Grebe fishing beyond.
3 Oystercatchers (flying off) and about 5 Purple Sandpipers on the ledges.

Re-visited PM but very low tide and lots of people - some on the rock armour, so again nothing to see.


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Even an hour before high tide the waves were washing over the rock armour at the end of the Cobb.

13 Purple Sandpipers in the wall below the aquarium and another 2 on the seaweed on Monmouth beach. Also a good number of Pied Wagtails and Rock Pipits.

Another Purple Sandpiper posing on a rock below the Marine Theatre - and a male Black Redstart briefly seen in the tree beside the theatre.


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Very mild and quite a calm sea this morning on the Cobb. 10am

Purple Sandpipers - 4 spread along the sheltered side of the rock armour were outnumbered by the birders on the Cobb. Unfortunately no sighting of the Spotted Sandpiper - only the usual Pied Wagtails and Rock Pipits.

An unexpected sighting was a Kingfisher flying downstream behind the Town Mill.
What a change - hardly any wind this morning and bright and sunny. Quite a low tide.

A brief glimpse of a Dipper flying downstream from the ford section of the Lim.

I thought another rarity had moved on from Lodmoor - but it turned out to be a Godwit on the ledges - not sure which type. Still, unusual for Lyme.

7 Purple Sandpipers also feeding on the ledges.

Only the usual Rock Pipits and Pied Wagtails around the Cobb.


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thats a Bar tailed Roger. Probably a bit more unusual than a black tailed? At least it would be in Weymouth
I was on Charmouth beach mid-day yesterday and saw a large bird of prey heading towards Golden Cap. Rather distant but appeared to have almost white underwing with black tips. After gliding, folded wings and dived - then regained height to repeat. Any suggestions?

A Hen Harrier has been reported Dorchester and east - any sightings west?
Didn't get down to the Cobb until mid afternoon. Blue sky but a cold wind.

2 Purple Sandpipers on the Cobb wall, another 5 on the rock armour. Rock Pipits and a few Pied Wagtails on the Cobb/Monmouth beach.

4 Oystercatchers and another 10 Purple Sandpipers on the ledges below Church Cliffs. A Great Crested Grebe fishing further east,
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