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Macro or Micro?? Scotland, August (1 Viewer)


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One more from yesterday in the highlands of Scotland. (Poor quality as I used my phone, and it was not playing nicely.) I can't even tell if it's a macro or a micro! Looks like a small wave/carpet of some variety, but just can't get on it.


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That makes 2 of us. (Or as many as 145 considering the number of views. Maybe if I offered a reward...)
Thanks for the bump!
I ignored it because it appeared to be grey in the first and yellow in the second and I did not understand how that could be caused by the quality of the photo. I was looking therefore for some form of explanation as to what colour the moth actually was as a result.

The second image simply appears to be a worn or wet Yellow Shell:-


All the best
Thanks Paul, but the moth was grey as in the first photo, and probably only half the size of a Yellow Shell. (My flash went off in the second photo! Sorry for the confusion!)
Believe it or not, the first photo (a little blurry though it is) is actually pretty faithful to the real thing - three progressively darker bands of grey.
The dot in the middle of the first band seems pretty distinct and had me pouring through some micros, but to no avail. Congratulation Condliffen, in your first season of trapping (is that right?) you have discovered a new species! The Condliffen Carpet perhaps? ;)
The only match I can find is Broken-barred Carpet, form albocrenata - could this be a candidate? (wingtip is so worn that it's translucent in the bit overhanging the tabletop, so maybe not ID'able?).
Lol Andy! btw I don't actually trap - don't have one! I leave the conservatory and study lights on and let anything in that wants ingress, inspect/photo, then release. Slow process, but fun!
I'm not seeing BB Carpet here, Mark, but an interesting point about the wing-tip.
Maybe you're right about it being unidentifiable. I'm just really intrigued that I can't find anything that has those three progressively darker bands, even taking wear into account.
Hmmm - now that Mark has raised the severe wearing issue, I'm wondering if it isn't just a Common Carpet. There's still a suggestion of a double white cross-band in the appropriate place. Thoughts?
Not wishing to be difficult, but I'm really not seeing it! Maybe it's because I'd convinced myself it was a Common Carpet, but I can't get what markings there are left after wearing to match the Gem's markings in the right places! Anyone got anything to add that will convince me? (I'd obviously love for it to be a Gem!)
I think I'm going to have to leave it as unidentified, then, as I remain unconvinced. (I'm kind of anal like that...)
Thanks for all the input!
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