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Magpies in Dundee (1 Viewer)

Magpies in Dundee.

Plenty Magpies in Edinburgh!
We call a gathering of magpies like this a magpie parliament can you see any relatives In There related to david cameron haha, in the east midlands where I live we Have a regular pair nest in neibouring gardens they had two young this year, to The carrion crows misery, I,e seen crows take the eggs out the nest in the past, they certainly compete against one another, back in october when on a local walk along the river derwent to derby, in the morning I saw up to 25 Magpies in a scattered flock of birds in the sky they quickly dispersed into Cover, I,ve never seen a large flock together airborne before like the other Corvids do, they seem to like their cover to much.
I am from London and it is amazing to hear that magpies are rare in another city they are probably the second commonest bird in my small garden.
Although they have now reached the stage where a day's birding in the city should at least turn up 1 or 2 birds, they are still not yet 'common'. Also they seem to be filling in the gaps in the surrounding countryside too, with sightings from various places, especially in Angus where they weren't around before. I suspect that they will become as common as Jackdaws locally now are within a few years. Jays also appear to be increasing, especially in the big parks.
Sorry for hijacking this thread (again)......Dundee's just doon the road!

Pleased to see what looks like a potential nesting pair in Arbroath - never thought I'd see the day.
Been watching over the last few weeks and there's definately two birds coming and going from a large nest.

Happy days!|=)|
Did see a pair of Magpies not that long ago as we passed the Bell Rock chipper on our way through Arbroath. Same pair? Different pair?
There's been a pair in the town for around a year (that I'm aware of - maybe longer?!?) observed at various places - Springfield park, West links etc. However the pair appear to have settled within the area around West links and can be seen coming and going from a large untidy looking nest.
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I watched the Arbroath nest on Monday but couldn't see any activity, I watched this pair nest building in late march, maybe the young are already out of the nest, I seen a single bird at the pigeon hut on pitkerro road in Dundee,not seen one here for a while,i suspect it has a mate nearby,the boc yard birds are very active and are frequenting the gardens and the rooftops of the sheltered housing in douglasfield cresent,a fox has been hunting stobbie ponds,not good news as the only likely prey here would probably be
The Arbroath birds are still coming and going. I pop by most days and saw them again this afternoon.
The birds are very quick in and out of the nest......blink and you'd miss them at times. :t:
Seen my first Magpies here for a long time.... seems it's over 3 years!

Just had two in a tree in the next street - can only remember singletons coming before.
Hi ABT, good to see you here.

Their numbers really seem to be building up in Dundee over the last 5 years then.

I've not seen one since the two I reported on here back in November.
Hi all
Going off thread slightly, I live in Worcestershire and we have an abundance of magpies.
I was watching a you tube video about pet magpies playing with dogs and crows and then low and behold the next day in my garden I saw 2 pairs rolling around with each other and what appeared to be fighting? At first I thought I would break them up but then noticed that it seemed to be sibling playfulness. They did this for quite some time and appeared to be having a really good time. It was fascinating.
Regards.... Ian
Numbers of Magpie in Fife seem to be steadily building, so I am not surprised that they are appearing more north of here. At my local patch (Seafield), I usually have two or three pairs in residence. Last Autumn, I had a group of nine move through.
Sorry for hijacking this thread (again)......Dundee's just doon the road!

Pleased to see what looks like a potential nesting pair in Arbroath - never thought I'd see the day.
Been watching over the last few weeks and there's definately two birds coming and going from a large nest.

Happy days!|=)|
There were a few regular pairs near Arbroath 50-60 years ago, one pair in the woods near Letham Mill and another up the former railway line between Elliot and Arbirlot, but across the Elliot Water. The extent of some of the wooded areas around Arbroath has shrunk a lot since then!
There are several pairs at Forfar Loch.

Mucky beak by tigerburnie, on Flickr
Even when there were very few around in Angus (as far back as 2005 when I first visited), Forfar Loch was one of the few places they were more or less guaranteed. Barry Buddon around the Monifieth end entrance was the other that I'm aware of from before they (re-)colonised Angus.
They're now v. common in Perth right into the town centre. Big change in status in just the last 3 or 4 years.
I remember seeing a pair in Perth (in Malcolm Court) back in 2010 as I waited in her car for my then girlfriend. Friend at work, from Carnoustie, actually asked about a 'black and white bird with a long tail that "sounded like a duck" that she'd seen this morning. Sounds like the numbers are creeping upwards there too.
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