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Making Plans with Nyjer Seed (1 Viewer)


Making Plans for Nyjer Seed


I'm posting to see if I can get any suggestions about the Nyjer seed which I've recently purchased.

I live in Colorado about 30 minutes north of Denver.

I recently added a Nyjer seed mesh finch feeder to my backyard alongside my tube feeder with black oil sunflower seeds. I'm new to bird feeding. I did some research and asked on this forum--and it seemed like that might be a good next feeder and seed offering for me.

I've had it out there next to the tube feeder for almost two weeks. It's not getting much if any interest. I tried taking the tube feeder out because I thought they may be used to going there. But they also didn't take to the Nyjer feeder when it was the only offering.

House finches, sparrows, chickadees and eurasian collared doves devour the sunflower seed. As it was most cost effective, I bought a 10 pound bag of Nyjer. I'm really hoping I can get them to eat it. I was thinking of mixing it with the black oil sunflower seeds in the tube feeder to see if that might encourage them. Does that make any sense? I have also put fresh Nyjer on the tray and on my platform feeder without any takers.

The squirrels have no interest either which is kind of nice.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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I think if you put it in the tube feeder, it will fall out of the ports as it is so fine. Niger is the least popular food in my garden, but we do get occasional visitors to it. Just be patient is all I can suggest.


Thanks, Kits! Patience is the best advice. I read through some other similar threads and they also said--it takes them a while to find the Nyjer seed or get interested.

I'm happy to say--I've started seeing a few house finches that are sampling the Nyjer! And who knows when that goldfinch may show up. So I'll keep it out there.

I do wonder how often I should be replacing it. I hate the idea of wasting it--but I also don't want it to go stale. Last night it rained and I know it got wet--but I still saw one male house finch eating from it. I wonder if it's the same one--and this guy just likes Nyjer?

I just wish the squirrels were as disinterested in the Nyjer feeder with my other ones. I don't need to protect it at all, no baffle, etc. It's great!


Wow--a couple of Goldfinches arrived at my Nyjer/Finch feeder today. They spent a good long while eating. I am so excited! I hope they'll tell their friends! Yes---patience is good advice.
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