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Mallorca 2019 (1 Viewer)

It’s been around 20 degrees here in the south but changeable with a cool wind at times. The wind whips up sometimes but it depends where you are on the Island.
I hear it’s going to get hotter in the next few days but you never quite know on this small island.
A few more Red-footed falcons being reported and one or two Rollers around.
Let us know what you see.
Majorca April 2019

A few shots of the Baillons Crake from the 10th and 11th salbufera.


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This afternoon male and female Rock thrush (with Blue rock thrush nearby for comparison) from the fishermen s path at Cala sant Vicente. Later some 30 Scopoli's and 20 Balearic Shearwaters were feeding close in the bay. Some of the SScopoli's could be seen with the naked eye.
Nice one with the Rock thrush, they are super-scarce these days. You normally need to climb a mountain to see one.
European Nightjars now in and churring in their favored locations.
Excellent photos of the Baillon’s Crake Steve, you should see my ones!
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Thanks Mike, quite pleased with them considering i only have a cheap camera, great find with the rock thrush, definitely a difficult bird to see.
Whiskered Tern 10th April salbufera.
Woodchat Shrike 11th and 13th April, albufereta, was listening to it singing for ages, what a wonderful mix of warbles and chats, one of my favorites from now on.
Spotted Redshank , dont see enough of them in summer plumage in the uk. 12th April salbufera.


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My first ever Rock thrush was about this date back in the 70's at Albercrux farm and about the same time as one at Spurn bird obs.
This morning at Mortitx Bonelli's eagle 2 and a green Golden Oriole at the frog pond bridge. This afternoon Egyptian Vultures two over LLenaire hotel c1600. A three vulture sp meal!
Just an update on the weather. It’s now reading 30 degrees so much hotter than recent days.

I was hoping for a Little bit warmer than it seems to have been recently, but as I understand it the temperature will probably drop again. I will be arriving tomorrow at lunch.
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Alpine Swift c6 at Castell de Santueri were this mornings high light. What an amazing site. Thanks to Mikeswiss.
A short dip into Depuradura de S'Illot produced a Whiskered Tern and Gull billed Tern from 1530 to about 1545 hrs.
the Egyptian Vultures are stil around. Yesterday they were seen around Llenaire fields again.
And this morning there are Honey Buzzards migrating. Seen from the Albercutx Tower by some members of GORA.

Thanks Cristina, I believe 13 Honey Buzzard have been seen so far and 19 Black Kite, rather more than we saw last weekend.
Pep has seen a Rock sparrow at Cap Blanc, they are never easy at that site. They are often right on the edge of, or just below the rock face.
I hope Pep posts his excellent photo, it’s always helpful to see them “in the flesh” rather than field guide illustrations.
Rock Sparrows

Today at the area of the Cap Blanc, 1 km left side of the lighthouse i have found a group of 12-15 (probably more) rock sparrows just on the cliff, in Majorca they are always hard to see, so today I has been lucky.


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Thanks Pep, I didn’t realise there were so many. I have only ever seen one there and that took three visits before I succeeded.
A number of Spectacled warblers have been seen on passage this spring with Philip seeing three.
Again, this is a species that requires a trip to the mountains to see them. Last year I flogged up Puig de Teix where at least one pair were breeding. One year, two pairs bred near Cúber reservoir but not in recent times. Maybe this year there will be more breeding here judging by the increased number seen on passage.
They luckily breed in such far away places that they do not suffer disturbance. I’m certainly not going up there again!
Arrived today and visited maristany only. About 30 little grebe, red crested pochard three pairs one with juveniles. One great reed warbler. Lots if swifts and swallows. Around our hotel hoopoe probably breeding. Also a couple of crossbills outside Alcudia.
Great shots pep, not seen any this year yet.
Spotted Crake 14th April salbufera.


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Hello all,
Arriving next Saturday 18th, all the recommended maps and guides purchased.
Would like to see several lifers in particular raptors,roller, balearic warbler and scops owl ! but all in all just looking forward to the variety available.
A permit for Ternelles has been obtained we hope its still valid ? We are staying in Puerto Pollenca so have lots to go at in the area. Obvious visit to Albufera on the agenda.
Looking forward to the reports for the for forthcoming week
If you see us wandering around aimlessly looking at shrubs,trees,rocks, telephone lines and the sky please say hello.
Went along the ca’n cuarassa track today. Nothing new to report. I met an english birder who gave me advise on the egyptian vultures, so I hope I see them during the week. I also met a spanish couple who had seen the vultures two hours previous to our arrival there today.
Gull billed tern still at Depuradura this morning along with Night heron, Common tern ,Common sandpipers,L.R.Plover and Osprey.
Along the Son Bosc road, still lots of Bee eaters, S.T.lark,Tawny pipit and Stone curlew.
Arrived yesterday. Lucky enough to see the egyptian vultures at Can Curassa being the highlight. Today we took a trip to The Castel de Santueri to watch the alpine swifts. Fantastic. Great views of a RF falcon near Petra. Lovely start to the hols. Mick
Still a gull billed tern at Depuradora today. Also bee eaters along Son Bosc road. Thekla lark, Tawny pipit and two turtle doves were really nice. A couple of marbled ducks at S’illot.
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