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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Mallorca 2019 (1 Viewer)

Hi Bernard.
Most Sub-Alpine warblers will have moved through by now but they do breed. A good site is around the scrubby edges of Cúber. They may well be Moltoni’s warblers though.

Just one remark about the big confusion with the cantillans group and the recent split.
Sylvia Subalpina and moltonis are the same one.
The other one is Cantillans with 4 sub-species, 2 in west and south and 2 at east.
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Sylvia cantillans & S. subalpina

Here you have the map with the 2 species and 4 subspecies of the cantillans (Inornata, iberiae, albistriata and cantillans).
The big problem is that females are almost impossible to identify, but this time probably all you found will be S. subalpina (Moltoni's warbler)


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Last day on Mallorca today. Went to S’Albufera, S’Albufereta and Can Curassa. Eleonora’s falcons at all of the sites. Had a great week and hope to return later in the year. Mick
Majorca April 2019

Distant shot of one of the Golden Oriole at La Gola 13th April
Subalpine Warbler 14th April Boquer.
Tawny Pipit 15th April Son Bosc.
Night Heron 15th April salbufera.


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Mike & Martin,
Thank you for your invaluable information. Much appreciated!
Yes, I will be posting my observations here.
My son was delighted to learn about Death's-head hawkmoth and other large moths and also about Hermann's Tortoise. Mike, you said ' People on site will be able to help you'. Is there anyone in Alcudia, I could possibly contact?
Thank you again for your help.
Hi Bernard.
I don’t know anyone specifically to contact but birders in Mallorca are generally a friendly lot and will willingly share information and mobile numbers so that everyone keeps in touch with the latest sightings.
Our last day today. Tawny pipit, Thekla lark and bee eaters along the Son Bosc track. Whiskered tern and gull billed tern at the tower.

One flamingo and three marbled ducks at S’illot.
I finally managed to get decent views of two splendid female Red-footed falcons at Pla de Lanzell, Villafranca this afternoon.
Also, a male Lesser Kestrel was hunting nearby.
I know that the prominent central tail feathers are not a reliable identification feature, but when hovering, this bird looked quite different from Common Kestrel.
Whilst trying to get some photos of these birds I realised that I was not watching them, so I put down the camera and just enjoyed these master hunters as they hovered and then swooped down on their prey. It was a wonderful show and made me realise that photos aren’t everything. I was back to just enjoying the birds.
Majorca April 2019

Reed Bunting 15th April.
Savi"s Warbler 15th April.
Wood Sands 16th April.
Cetti"s Warbler 16th April, all salbufera.


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An observation of feeding behaviour in Mediterranean Flycatchers:

During previous visits I've often watched the feeding behaviour of Mediterranean Flycatchers, especially those outside my bedroom in s'Albufera. As other people have mentioned, they make a loud audible click with their beaks when feeding. Through close observation this noise seems to be made while catching an insect and I have speculated that the noise is made immediately before the moment of capture and may, in some way, acoustically actually stun the insect concerned.

I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this phenomenom and may like to comment (or even watch them to confirm this)?


Interesting Martin!
I observe Spotted flycatchers here very often. I too hear the “snap” which is audible quite clearly.
I have never given thought to when the “click” is made, before or during the catch.
I always assumed the noise was made when the bird misses it’s prey.
I will watch my local ones some more and report back.
I’m intrigued now.
I went to the tower first thing, so like many birders, I must like suffering.
After an hour four locals arrived and only lasted ten minutes before abandoning the idea due to the biting wind. It was freezing.
Later at Casas Velles, six Honey Buzzard went through and we saw some super-sleek Eleonora’s falcons hunting low and close by. Very entertaining.
Later at the depuradora, the Gull-billed tern was thankfully still present.
On the way home I popped into Maria de la Salut and saw nothing. It was very windy though.
Over 24 hours in and 35 species recorded with the highlights being a Squacco Heron, Bee-eater and Booted Eagle all around the Northern end of S'Albufereta.
Saw lots of Spotted Flycatchers will try to listen out to the noise they make.
Majorca April 2019

Spotted Redshank 16th.
The escaped Golden Eagle 16th.
Collared Pratincole 16th.
Pair of Garganey 18th all salbufera.


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I know it’s easy to be wise after the event but when asked to predict what rarity would turn up next, Hoopoe Lark flashed through my mind.
One of these monster birds has been found by the airport in Menorca, a first for the Balearics.
What a stonker.
I know it’s easy to be wise after the event but when asked to predict what rarity would turn up next, Hoopoe Lark flashed through my mind.
One of these monster birds has been found by the airport in Menorca, a first for the Balearics.
What a stonker.

Wow, get your rowing boat out Mike, you’ll be there in no time!
Naughty thought, at the airport you say, no direct flights from North Africa to Menorca by any chance?;)
I know it’s easy to be wise after the event but when asked to predict what rarity would turn up next, Hoopoe Lark flashed through my mind.
One of these monster birds has been found by the airport in Menorca, a first for the Balearics.
What a stonker.

....... and new to Spain (if you don't count the Canaries!).

Majorca April 2019

not sure if these shots are of interest to Maties , these guys looked like they were poaching at Son Bosc, they covered there faces when they noticed was watching them. 2 guys 2 vehicles and at least 6 dogs. on the grounds next to the electric sub station?. sure they must have had a key to the locked gate. 21 April.

Also for Cristina, these 2 guys were fishing early morning at La Gola, the lady was not with them. 24 April.


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