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Mammals - Southern Vietnam - 2 squirrels and a bat (1 Viewer)


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Hey all,

We were in Vietnam over the last month and squirrel-wise, we had quite a bunch: Berdmore's ground squirrel, Pallas's squirrel, and even a spotted giant flying squirrel in gliding action!

We also had a few striped squirrels (tamiops sp.) but we wanted to identify the pics at home since it's harder on the field. The problem is that there isn't much info on the internet...

** We identified the squirrel in the first pic I attached as a maritime striped squirrel due to break in the lateral stripe. It was taken in Dalat but I think we also got it in Cat Tien.

** We have more problems with the second one, which could be either Himalayan or Cambodian striped squirrel. We had it in Cat Tien (southern lowlands). It has white ear tufts and a continuous striping from head to tail.

** I also added a pic of bats that we had hanging upside down... inside a restaurant in Cat Tien! We ID them as lesser short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus brachyotis), it would be great if someone more expert than us could confirm^^

Cheers in advance,
Marta and Arnaud


  • Maritime striped squirrel.JPG
    Maritime striped squirrel.JPG
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  • Himalayan or Cambodian striped squirrel .jpg
    Himalayan or Cambodian striped squirrel .jpg
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  • Fruit bat.JPG
    Fruit bat.JPG
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Andy Adcock

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If the book is accurate (Francis), the only two Bats that this could be on range, are Sunda or Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bats.

Bat two looks like Cambodian based on the grey rather than brown sides
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Hi andy
True for Cambodian, thanks a lot!
The Sunda is still the lesser short-nosed (Cynopterus brachyotis) right? (we didn't buy the book).

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