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Manfrotto 290 Xtra with 128 RC Head (1 Viewer)


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Hello. I just bought a Cabela's Euro (Meopta) scope that weighs 63 oz. I am considering buying a Manfrotto 290 Xtra with a 128 RC head as it seems plenty robust and is within my budget. Im wondering if the 128 RC head will work well for this head. Also would appreciate any other suggestions for a tripod system. The price of the 290 Xtra and 128 head is $169. Thanks


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hello - I am thinking of same combo - I have an RC128 head which I am happy with but looking for new tripod legs - to use with Swarowski ATX 85

Can anyone here recommend the Manfrotto 290 Xtra? (or not)



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It is a good steady, sturdy tripod, no doubt. I have it too with the RC128 for my Kowa 883.

Weight is an issue however overall, but I am 58 and not as fit as I once was. So I actually bought a Sherpa velbon 600 tripod and head which is lighter, and does make a difference when you are carrying it around all day. But I also have a smaller Opticon Travelscope I can use if I wish.

So to compromise I alternate, if it is windy and / or I am sea-watching I prefer the Manfrotto 290 and RC128 as they produce a steady view in any windy conditions with my heavier Kowa, but use the Sherpa if walking around all day.

So in a nutshell, as long as you are reasonably healthy, strong, fit etc (maybe younger too), then the Manfrotto 290 and RC128 are good 'value for money' bits of kit. They adequately support all scopes. People do prefer lighter tripods these days, so really this is your primary consideration with this kit.

In my opinion.
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Thanks ever so much - that's very helpful.

I was also looking at "sturdier" (heavier / more expensive) Manfrotto tripods & I'm happy that you say the 290 is sturdy enough.

Completely agree with you about weight -- I've an older aluminium manfrotto which is both too heavy and not high enough, so hoping upgrade to a taller carbon fibre one will help a bit.

I will probably also follow your advice and get something substantially lighter for bigger hikes etc.

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