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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

March Moths (or moths in March) 2021 (1 Viewer)

16/03. Not as spectacular as some of the reports from the SW, Central or even Scotland I'm seeing (with catches of up to 100 moths), but just really pleased to have got a new garden moth that was also a lifer :) - Twin-spotted Quaker (1). Accompanied by 1 March Moth, 3 Small Quaker, 1 Common Quaker and 1 Hebrew Character. 7 moth total.
Thought I'd try my urban patch last night and had 3 Common Quaker, 1 Small Quaker, 1 Hebrew Character and 1 Chestnut. Suitably happy with that. But no surprise one that I couldn't ID despite limited options this time of year! Left hand one of the below trio, doesn't seem overly worn but no real discernible markings. Thoughts?


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My reaction was it's a Twin-spotted Quaker. One of the paler types. The spots are yellow not black. Have a look at Norfolk Moths, Flying Tonight and click on Twin-spotted Q. There are lots of photos available. I know unmarked specimens can be quite common in Herts from Herts website.
(But I'm no expert - small print!)
Nothing new last night, but decent numbers.
2 Oak Beauty
1 Dotted Border
3 Early Grey
3 Grey Shoulder-knot
8 Clouded Drab
95 Common Quaker
28 Small Quaker
15 Hebrew Character
6 Twin-spotted Quaker


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A better night last night:

Common Quaker 6
Small Quaker 1
Early Grey 1
Twin-spot Quaker 2
Clouded Drab 1

Feels like spring this morning.

19/03. 1 Common Quaker, 1 Clouded Drab and 3 Hebrew Characters. I think my garden is stuck in Feb.
I see someone in Tintern had over 800 moths in their trap a couple of nights ago, makes one slightly envious.
Tonight is looking a much better prospect with 6mph wind and 7C feeling like 4-6C, so I shall live in hope of better things happening.
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Last few nights -

17th -
Hebrew Character 1
Early Grey 1 lifer/NFG
18th - Did not trap
19th -
Hebrew Character 4
Grey Shoulder Knot 1
March Moth 1 lifer/NFG
Common Plume 1
Last night 20th -

March Moth 3
Hebrew Character 5
Early Grey 1
Dotted Border 1
Early Thorn 1
Clouded Drab 1 Lifer NFG
Common Quaker 3 NFG

Woke up at 6:15, so out to the trap earlier than usual.
Here is a first attempt at a joint list for March -

Common Quaker
Small Quaker
Dotted Border
Hebrew Character
Clouded Drab
March Moth
Oak Beauty
10 Yellow Horned
Grey Shoulder-knot
Pale Brindled Beauty
Brindled Pug
Early Grey
Twin-spotted Quaker
Double-striped Pug
Orange Underwing (away from garden)
Oak Nycteoline
19 Early Thorn

Micros -
Common Plume
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20/03. 6 Small Quaker, 1 Common Quaker, 1 March Moth, 1 Agonopteryx heracliana, 4 Hebrew Character, 1 Common Plume and 1 Oak Beauty.
The Oak Beauty was nfg and a lifer, plus a thing of great beauty, so really pleased with that one.
Also, 1 Hawthorn Shieldbug and a caddis that I think is Stenophlax permistus.
I go out to the trap at 05:30, to be sure I beat the robin and blackbird in case they think the self-service breakfast table has been put out, then go back to bed!
21/03. 25 moths of 7 species. 15 Small Quaker, 3 Common Quaker, 2 March Moth, 1 Common Plume, 1 Chestnut, 1 Hebrew Character and 2 Early Grey (nfy).

Whilst gardening earlier 1 Small Quaker, 2 caterpillars of Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, 2 caterpillars of Mythimna sp (either Smoky or Common Wainscot). Plus, an oddity for my garden an Adonis Ladybird (nfg).
Last night 21st -

Put the trap on around 6:30pm, worryingly no light on this morning. There were a few moths still though (light was still on at 10pm when I glanced out the window). Min 4C.

Outside -
Brindled Pug 1 putative lifer, NFG if so
Inside -
Hebrew Character 3
March Moth 1

Has anyone had a bulb go mid-session? Would have thought they would go when switching on or off ... Will investigate properly this evening ...
I once had a bulb go mid-session, seemed fine when I switched it on, but it obviously went at some point during the night. It was an old bulb though.
Three Hebrew Characters were a year-tick this morning, full list below:

Hebrew Character 3
Common Quaker 4
Small Quaker 2
Clouded Drab

Forecast looks fine for another go tonight.

Saturday night; multiples of (I lost the list I noted!) Small Quaker, Earl Grey, Hebrew Character, Twin spot Quaker, Clouded Drab and 1 Chestnut if that is correct (below picture). The wings on the imaged individual seem more rounded than the ID book.


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