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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

March Moths (or moths in March) 2021 (1 Viewer)

Mompha from 23/03 turned out to be Mompha jurassicella (I may start a theme park if I can find a suitable island). Garden tick and 7th Herts record I think (I caught one last year at Amwell NR too).
28/03. 3 Small Quaker, 4 Hebrew Character, 1 Grey Shoulder-knot, 1 March Tubic (nfy) (29.001), 3 Common Quaker and 1 Early Grey.
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29/03. 5 Common Quaker, 7 Small Quaker, 2 Hebrew Character, 1 Early Grey and 1 Double-striped Pug (nfy).
Much poorer night that I expected, but frost on car this morning.
Trapped last night fully expecting that with a full moon, clear sky and falling temperature, that there would be no moths at all. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Brindled Beauty (NFY) straight away and an Oak Beauty (also NFY) near the bottom. Total catch:

Brindled Beauty
Small Quaker 4
Common Quaker 6
Oak Beauty
Hebrew Character

Tonight is anticipated to be warm. I am hopeful!

Yes, the clear sky & bright moon held my expectations at bay too, but I was also well pleased with my catch

1 Brindled Pug
1 March Moth
1 Brindled Beauty (tick)
1 Engrailed (NFG)
3 Early Grey
1 Clouded Drab
6 Common Quaker
10 Small Quaker
2 Twin-spotted Quaker

This brings the garden macro list to 199, in 10 months. Quite pleased with that!

Trapping again tonight - 200 up tomorrow?


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30/03. Numbers well up last night. Emptied MV & actinic at 11:30, then left actinic on till dawn (not much in it though at dawn surprisingly).
March Tubic 4
Small Quaker 33
Acleris literana (Lichen Button) 1, a lifer. Yay! Attractive moth.
Oak Nycteoline 1 nfy
Common Plume 2
Common Quaker 10
Double-striped Pug 1
Early Grey 2
Small Magpie 1 (this is madly early looking at Herts and Norfolk moth sites) nfy
Clouded Drab 1
Hebrew Character 3
Agonopterix aranella 1
Pale mottled Willow 1 nfy
Not often I trap so early but the nice weather has spurred me on, not much but better than nothing.

Early Thorn, Early Grey, Common Quaker and Small Quaker.
12 Small Quaker, 8 Common Quaker and 1 Early Grey; same as Andy, I've not trapped this early before but nice temperatures until end of the week.
Nothing new for the year but a big catch by my standards: 45 moths in total.

Double-striped Pug
Brindled Beauty 5
Small Quaker 22
Early Grey 3
Common Quaker 9
Oak Beauty
Clouded Drab
Hebrew Character 3

Very satisfying and definitely another go tonight.

I have run my garden trap on seven March nights but have only had any success on two - a total of just six moths
Double-striped Pug 3 all on 30/3
Hebrew Character 1 on 30/3
Early Grey 1 on 28/3
Common Quaker 1 on 28/3
All four are earliest-ever dates as I have never trapped in March before.

So, last night

1 Double-striped Pug
6 Brindled Pug
1 Early Thorn (NFY)
1 Engrailed
6 Early Grey
2 Chestnut
3 Clouded Drab
20 Common Quaker
12 Small Quaker
2 Twin-spotted Quaker

Macro year list 22.


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27/3 A windy night, trapped close to the house for some shelter.
Hebrew Character 1
Common Quaker 3
Early Grey 1
Clouded Drab 1
Chestnut 1
Last Night 30/3 Much better for some warmer weather.
Hebrew Character 10
Early Grey 4
Common and Small Quaker 15 of each.
Clouded Drab 2
Small Eggar 1 NFG. definitely best moth of my year so far.
Brindled Beauty 2 NFY
Twin-spotted Quaker 2
Dotted Chestnut 1, 2nd this year.
Early Thorn 2 NFY
Chestnut 1
Brindled Pug 1 NFY
Diurnea fagella 1
Emmellina monodactyla 1 NFY
A Large Yellow Underwing caterpillar was on the sheet I stand the trap on.
Plus a Silver water-beetle.


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31/03. Not too bad again last night. Suspect it goes downhill from tonight with much colder conditions coming.
4 Early Grey
3 Double-striped Pug
28 Small Quaker
3 Many-plumed Moth nfy
1 Oak Nycteoline
1 Depressaria chaerophylli. (life tick) Not a Parsnip moth as I initially thought, after being helped with some useful keys.
4 Hebrew Character
1 Dark Chestnut
3 Common Quaker
4 Common Plume
1 Pine Beauty (life tick) just wonderful, one I was hoping for.
1 Agonopterix alstromeriana (nfy)
1 Caloptillia (will need gen det, but likely a lifer)
1 Chestnut
1 Clouded Drab
1 Oak-tree Pug (nfy)

Plus another Black Sexton Beetle
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Pine Beauty really is Beautiful, always nice to get a new one.

Last night here was warmer but it ended windy. I got more moths but less variety and less quality. Nothing new for year.
Common Quaker 28
Small Quaker 25
Double-striped Pug 3
Early Grey 2
Hebrew Character 5
Early Thorn
Clouded Drab
Diurnea fagella
and another Silver water beetle.
Numbers up again last night (Small Quaker particularly). Nothing new but again some nice moths:

Brindled Beauty 5
Small Quaker 43
Common Quaker 17
Early Grey 3
Oak Beauty 2
Hebrew Character 3
Clouded Drab 2

Total of 75 moths - pretty decent I think. Wind has gone NE and strengthening, no trap tonight.

31/3. Finished the month with my best catch of 2021 so far....
Common Plume 1
Beautiful Plume 1
Double-striped Pug 2
Early Thorn 1
Common Quaker 2
That makes 12 moths of 8 species in March.
15 Small Quaker, 3 Common Quaker, 1 Early Grey, 1 Clouded Drab and 1 very early Pale Mottled Willow if my ID is correct


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