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Meadow or Tree Pipet North Wales (1 Viewer)


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I originally assumed this was a meadow pipet but after looking in my Collins and reading the blurb, I'm now thinking its a tree pipet?

Seen in low level pasture near Llandegla.



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Andrew Whitehouse

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Looks like a Meadow Pipit to me. Bill is quite long and slender, flank streaking is the same width as breast streaking and hind claw is long and only gently curved.


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I think it is a tree pipit because

- Fine flank streaking
- Very strong eye-brow
- Strong bill
- General impression of a long, elegant bird and not shorter and more compact like Meadow
- Short claw

Mark Lew1s

My real name is Mark Lewis
It looks like a meadow pipit to me.

The flank streaking looks too thick, and does not look obviously different to the streaks on the chest. The bill looks fine enough for meadow to me, and that's one hell of a hindclaw for a tree pipit!


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I agree on Tree Pipit here. The hindclaw is more curved than what is normal for MP.

This, together with the other characters clinches it for me.



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So I thought 30 minutes ago.

Now all the traits of Meadow Pipit come bouncing back. I'm thoroughly done with these two species from photos.
Never again, promise!



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Many thanks for all the comments! I know how you feel Peter!

Looking at Collins again, I think the claw probably clinches it as meadow, + the streaks on the flanks maybe aren't as fine as I thought.
the head markings are a little confusing to me though!

Thanks again!


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