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I'm leaning towards Meadow, however, the flank markings look finer than the breast markings, the beak looks a little strong, with a tinge of pink, and the hind claw didn't look overly long.

Probably just wishful thinking, but could it be a Tripit?


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Going to stick my neck out and say Tree

That hind claw would definitely be unusually short for MP and the flank streaking suggests TP too, but I would never go on flank streaking alone

Edit - even if wrong, it would be interesting to hear the reasons from more expert members

Essex Tern

I’m erring towards Meadow, but also await more expert opinions.

Edit: I am not particularly familiar with Tree Pipit, so will be interested to hear the views of even more people who are - does the buffy yellow colouring continuing to the belly occur often in Tree Pipit as it seems to here, or would that help point to Meadow. The hind claw seems fairly long in photo 1 and maybe partly obscured in photo 3, but then I can easily see things to point me either way!
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I am towards Tree Pipit. Hind claw, tertials edges not so whitish and lower bill pinkish instead of yellow. Next time a razorsharp photo with a 600mm Canon please. Lol.


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I make it tree based esp. on hind claw length, flack streaks clearly finer than breast where bold: robust bill


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To my eye it’s very much Tree Pipit, apart from what has already been mentioned (hind claw and streaking), the ground colour is of a cream/buff wash more typical of Tree Pipit, also the pale contrasting dot within the ear-coverts another useful feature to look for.



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Second attempt

If at first you don't succeed......

Hike back out to the scene of your last failure, in the slim hope the bird has hung about, then get a better photo.

Tree pipit, this time?


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Hi Gander,
All the birds in all of your images are Tree Pipits, the reasons why have been covered well already by other posters. In addition, the legs are pale pink rather than the more orangey colour often seen on Meadow Pipits.

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