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Melodious Warbler? - SW France (1 Viewer)


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Seen yesterday about 7pm – SW France – rear garden - Melodious Warbler?
On the border of our rear garden are quite a few Blackthorn trees. I heard the bird singing, listened for a while but could not see it as it was well hidden. I walked over and the bird stopped singing, after a while it flew out and landed on the overhead wires.
I have listened to Melodious Warblers song on the internet and to me it sounded like one. It sang for a while in quite long bursts with an extensive range and seemed to keep going and going. I also found a few images (on the internet) which looked very much like this bird.
Legs were pale - part of the greenish tinge in the image could be a slight reflection as the overhead wires are that colour.
There was only one bird - I could not get an image of it's back - it was a very pretty little bird
Big crop at ISO400 ....... taken at 7pm....... fading light
Hopefully it will be out there again today.


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Jane Turner

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Makes up for the rest of the year where they perfect sitting still in deep cover and refractive index matching.


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[QUOTE refractive index matching.[/QUOTE]

Jane..In layman's parlance would (RIM) translated... imply behaving in the manner of a Chameleon?..as I've witnessed this with polyglotta..to a remarkable degree. I've not found this stated in literature..ie Field guides etc..perhaps I'm not reading the right avian tabloids..kinda conjours up an amusing scenario (which I've witnessed) Sulphur yellow underparts and bright leaf green upperparts on the outside of a bush...turning to off-white unders and tea coloured uppers inside!

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