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Migrating raptor in SW Ontario? (1 Viewer)

Sandra Huerter

New member
Date: May 9, 2020, 0700EST
Location: New Hamburg, Ontario (Southwestern Ontario)

Hi all,

This morning this large, exotic creature was perched on our chimney (pardon my rough sketch). The details:

-BIG! falcon sized (~1 ft high); stood erect
-blue-ish feathers down back
-black head, google eye
-sharp high-contrast markings near neck (orange, white; I made up the markings in the sketch!)
-didn't appear to have talons (not 100% sure)
-short-ish legs
-average looking beak (I think)
-it's probably not as blue as in my sketch
-maybe had the 'mohawk' as in my drawing

He/she flew from the chimney across to a tree, but was too big for the branches to hold him and so returned to the chimney. In flight, I got to see his under-wing pattern, which looked like a blue/white/grey plaid flurry.

To be honest, I had just woken up and thought it was a duck before I came to my senses. My husband thinks it might have been a raptor. . .but the colours don't line up for that.

I do know that it's not a woodpecker, turkey vulture, pigeon or bluejay. I don't think it's a peregrine falcon either.

Can anyone identify this bird? I've never seen anything like it, and apparently neither has Google :)


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Doesn't look or sound like any sort of raptor to me! My best guess is some sort of escaped exotic galliform - pheasant, partridge, guineafowl etc. Can't think of an exact match off the top of my head, but raptors universally have hooked bills and talons (the adaptations for predation on birds or mammals that define them).

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