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MM4 60 or 77 GA ED? (1 Viewer)


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Please could someone advise whether they consider the MM4 77 GA ED to be a viable travel scope and if you could only ever have one MM4 GA ED scope which one would it be?

The reason why I ask is because I finally have the chance to purchase an MM4 60 GA ED at a very reasonable price, however, I am not logistically in a position to compare the MM4 60 with the 77 GA ED and consequently do not know whether to hold out or take the plunge. It's not that I am unable to comprehend the pro's and con's of portability and digiscoping, etc. It's more that I am looking for a generic vote for a scope that is most likely to be used no matter what the circumstances. I don't want to miss out on a good opportunity holding out for a 77 GA ED where the size, weight and general overall baggage could be considered too excessive, however, I also don't want to make a decision in haste only to realise that the 77 GA ED is so compact and light for a full size scope it is almost considered every bit as transportable as the 60 GA ED.

What are your thoughts on this MM4 60 GA ED vs 77 GA ED quandary, which one would you go for if there was no budget and which one one would end up being your go to and anywhere scope?

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


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having used neither of the two I can only speak from experience with my Kowa TSN-3 (77mm fluorite) and 613 (60mm ED). They have similar weights as the two MM4 models although the TSN-3 might be a tad longer than the 77mm Opticron.
I tend to take the TSN-3 out more because of the SDLv2 EP on it (doesn't fit the 613) and the fact that it is on my good tripod with the mulepack attached and ready to go.

I think both sizes are large and portable enough to serve as a single scope. In the end, the whole package is like 4kg+ anyways and 500g difference are not that big a deal - at least for me when carrying it with a mulepack.
On the other hand, a good deal is a good deal... if you get a good example...

So if you can test the 60mm in person and if it's nice and sharp at it's maximum magnification, get it at a good price, go for it.



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I have the MM4/60. Size and price were high on my priority list along with good-enough image quality. The MM4 ticks all those boxes. I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

I mostly use the 32x wide, which is now out of production. I like the wide eye pieces much better than the SDLv2 zoom.


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