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Mocking Bird Singing at night (1 Viewer)


My wife and I have been experienced Mocking Birds singing at night lately. I read they will sing at night during the breeding season but this is keeping us up sometimes. Crazy huh?;)


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Next question to ponder - Mockingbirds are well-known for imitating other birds.

But how & where did they learn to do a note-perfect imitation of a European Song Thrush??

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I've experience just this thing lately from a Mockingbird and all night long...same bird too. But it's starting to be very comforting to hear for me now because I know he is just doing what he does best.
Also I have grown very fond of this one bird for weeks now..always good to see him sitting on his favorite perch and he is doing ok.


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singing dove

I've had a mourning dove once sing very late at night or rather very early morning. Let's just say 2 AM. Unusual phenomenon .


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This brings back memories as a kid on the farm sleeping with windows open on a hot summer night and listening to the Mocking bird sing his tunes while perched high on his favorite perch, the windmill.


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We had an experience this summer with a Mockingbird singing all night.
We stopped in a town along the St Johns River to visit with a niece who lived there.
We parked our RV overnight (with permission) in a Wynn Dixie parking lot.
We were under a street lamp along the edge, next to a rather large Crepe Myrtle.
No sooner than we shut our eyes, this fellow started up with song.
He was quite remarkable. I had never heard so many riffs and variations from a single bird.
While feeling a bit irate with him keeping me awake, I was fascinated.

I remember from when I was a youngster in Florida, Mockingbirds could imitated the audible part of an Alligator's mating bellow.

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