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Monarch 5 8x42 vs Monarch 7 10x42 (1 Viewer)


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Hello everyone,

I am starting doing some serious birdwatching and I recently left my parent's house so I can't use my dad's binoculars anymore so I only have cheap 10x22, which are as bad as you can imagine.

Thus, I'm thinking about buying new binoculars and my choice is going for some Nikon ones. Specifically, I'm interested in the Monarch 5 8x42 and the Monarch 7 10x42. Both appear to have similar angular FoV values, although the Monarch 7 has higher magnification.

First of all, I don't really mind spending the extra money for the Monarch 7. The new binoculars will be used for occasional birdwatching, for birds which are not necessarily that far away. I want to have quite versatile binoculars that I can keep long time.

I tend towards the 10x magnification because I like it on my current binoculars and my other birdwatching friends all have 10 magnification. And I was thinking that, at the time when I will have got the wisdom that 8x magnification is enough, I will be able to buy one of the high-end binoculars o:D

As you can guess, I am quite stuck in my decision process and there is no place nearby where I could have the chance to try both, so any help will be welcome!


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Nikon's Monarch 7 series binoculars are better than their Monarch 5 Series binoculars.

The Monarch 7 10x42 is a better binocular overall than the Monarch 5 8x42 is. It uses more expensive eye pieces which gives the 10x42 a very wide FOV for a 10x binocular. The Monarch 5 8x42 has a very narrow FOV for an 8x42 binocular although its eye relief is longer than the Monarch 7s which could be important to you if you wear glasses.

Personally I think you would find the Monarch 7 10x42 versatile enough for your uses. I have a friend who purchased a Monarch 10x42 when Nikon first came out with the Monarch many years ago. He finds it versatile enough for his purposes which includes bird watching and travel and he is still using it after all those years.

The link below to the Nikon USA website lists all their current Monarch Binoculars and shows their individual specs, and has owner reviews of them. The Monarch 7 10x42 has 18 reviews and the Monarch 5 8x42 has 6 reviews that you may want to read. You can also review their individual specifications.

Whichever one you choose be sure to register it with Nikon to lock in your warranty with them. I have the top of the line Monarch HG 8x42. My first one had a problem with its diopter so I contacted Nikon USA and they had me return it. They replaced it for me with a new one which works perfectly.


Hope this helps you some in making your choice.

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first of all, welcome to BF.

If you're set on 10x, by all means get the M7 10x42 - I would avoid the M5 - the field of view is very narrow.
Or, if you don't wear bulky glasses, the M7 8x30 as this one gets most things right and is very light and compact, so you will likely have it with you more often... thus more opportunities for observations...



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I would go for the 7. I have the 5's from 2013 and the rubber armour is completely worn now. Sent them for repair to Nikon. It will then last another 5 years and by then I hope to get something else.

Optics are still fine, I like the FOV as I use glasses now.


Broad statement I realize, but pretty much across the board from all the various models I have compared between the Monarch 5s and 7s I have liked the 7s over the 5s every time.


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I have the Monarch 5 10x42. Back when that was all I had, I thought it was pretty good. It's relatively sharp, easy to hold and focus, and rather light.

Then I tried better binoculars and it became apparent the limitations of the 5. It's not sharp edge-to-edge. In fact, it goes pretty soft around the outside. And as other's have mentioned, within it's magnification (8x or 10x), it has narrow FoV. The 7s are brighter and wider FoV (for the same magnification).

If you get the 5s, you'll be happy as long as you don't look through better glass.

In regards to 8x vs 10x, if most of the things you'll looking at are not that far away, there's actually not too much difference between 10x and 8x, at least to my eye. 8x will be faster to acquire focus, easier to keep focus, and have more depth of field. If you haven't used 8x in the field, order a pair you can return and try them out. Or, order both the 8x and 10x monarch 7s and see which you like. I used to be in the 10x boat, but I'm starting to appreciate 8x a lot more for the reasons I listed.


"If you get the 5s, you'll be happy as long as you don't look through better glass".

Funny but True at the same time.

Andy W.
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