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More skuas from Hokkaido Japan (1 Viewer)


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I saw a lot of skuas offshore at Yakumo in south Hokkaido this morning. Last week I saw an individual Long Tailed Skua (see ID thread here).

Today there were between 50 and 100 skuas offshore and I think the majority were Pomarines. Can anyone (better than me at identifying these difficult birds) confirm this? I may even have 3 species, including Arctic and Long tailed, but I have no idea.

Here are the first five. I'm not sure about the third one especially.

The photos are crap, I know.

Thanks in advance for amy suggestions.


  • _MG_8823.JPG
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  • _MG_8867.JPG
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And here are the next 5...............

#4 and #5 are the same individual.


  • _MG_8940.JPG
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  • _MG_8960.JPG
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  • _MG_8965.JPG
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  • _MG_8971.JPG
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And sorry for all the photos but here are the last 5. I'm not sure about #5, is it a Long tailed?


  • _MG_8974.JPG
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  • _MG_8979.JPG
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  • _MG_8999.JPG
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  • _MG_9003.JPG
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  • _MG_9032.JPG
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3 and 15 look to be arctic, the rest are pomarines of various ages. i'm not totally sure on 3 since it seems to have rounded middle rectrices but bill looks too long and thin for LTS, it has gingery tones and black in bill tip is confined to outer 3rd - so it got to be arctic.
Hi Stu

In the middle of the Gulf of Mexico with limited internet access. Agree with Lou all are Pom except for 3 and 15 that appear to be immature Arctic, as he says they have rounded retrices, the long thin bill and also extensive white on upperwing of 3. Also appear to have not as pronounced barring on tail and axillaries, and appear broader winged and heavier built than LT Skua.

The rest are all great examples of Poms. They are the commonest species in Japanese waters by far.

I never get that close to skuas offshore usually & they are pretty good shots if you ask me.


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