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I have a Nikon d&500 and a range of lenses the longest being the 70-300 with which I've taken some Ok-ish bird photos. However on closer inspection with a view to printing out at A£ size I'm less than totally happy with the sharpness. I've taken as much care over exposure and focussing as I can.
My question relates to both wanting to get closer to still birds to achieve closer, more frame-filling images and to getting sharper images.
So, would I be best advised to:
1) Get a longer telephoto either the Sigma 150-600 C, Nikon 200-500 etc. and I know choosing which of these is a whole topic in itself.
2) In addition to the above lens getting a pre-owned full-frame such as a D610 or D750
3) Going MFT with very good Olympus O-MD EM-1 s being heavily discounted along with a 100-300 Panasonic or Zuiko lens
My total budget for any change is about £1200

I'm keen to take advantage of the imposed quiet seeing many more and varied bird species visiting our garden as well as looking forward to begin visiting the nearby RSPB place when possible.

Any advice very gratefully received.


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Going for a full frame would have the effect of needing an even longer lens to achieve a frame filling photo.

Of the remaining two options, the cheapest probably is to get a longer lens for your current camera. The question is if you are ready to carry the weight.

Regarding the option of m4/3, The pana 100-300 is adequate (I only have mki1, mk2 is rumored to be sharper), but the 100-400 definitely is sharper than the Mk1.




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I agree, go for a longer lens. The D500 is a good birding camera and pairs very well with the Nikon 200-500 f5.6 which is within your budget. As you say, there are arguments both ways regarding the Nikon and the Sigma. If you are photographing garden birds you might want to check the closest focus - I think the Nikon focuses about 15 inches closer. On the other hand you may prefer the greater reach of the Sigma's 600mm end.



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Thanks for the replies. I don’t know if it makes any difference but my camera is actually the D7500. I should have checked my typing more carefully before I posted.


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D7500 is also plenty of camera. I recommend the Tamron 150-600 G2. I shoot with the G1 and do just fine but by all accounts the G2 is an improvement.

"I've taken as much care over exposure and focussing as I can"
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this but none of us stop perfecting our skills. A new lens will get you more reach but there is much more to getting the most of it. Steve Perry has some good videos and books available.

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