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i recently got into watching dragon/damselflys and butterflys but moths still seem very daunting, most of them look pretty much the same to me!

of course i have seen a few identifiable ones: speckled yellow, elephant and hummingbird hawkmoth, garden tiger, mint moth and a couple of others but most of the time they remain unidentified.

could anyone recomend a good book on british moths?

i would also be interested in getting some sort of moth trap, but need one that's relatively small and cheap and preferably easy to set up,

any suggestions would be very welcome:t::t:


Start with 'Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland' by Paul Waring et al. It doesn't cover the micros but most beginners tend to ignore them to start with.
Paul Batty is a good place to start when considering a moth trap. http://www.pwbelg.clara.net/mercury/index.html
There are loads of threads on Birdforum about various traps, including home-made ones if you are a handy person.
Good luck
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cheers surreybirder, looks like a good book, i already have the dragon/damselfly version of it and that one seems very good!
Care required...

I agree... Manley is well worth having.

Although it is good to have a selection of micro photos, it is a curious and very incomplete selection. I add a list of omissions, at least from a Yorkshire perspective.

I am much more hopeful for the micro guide in preparation at the moment.


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There are alot of different set ups out there and many moffers build their own. Its all a question of what you want and what your budget will allow. Alot of people use Paul Batty for equipment and supplies.His website can be found at....


Other things to consider are what type of lighting unit-mains or battery powered,actinic,uv or MV. If you dont mind illuminating your garden and no doubt drawing a bit of attention from your neighbours then a MV set up is the best way to go. This draws in alot of moths,but at the start do you really want 100s of moths every time? Actinics dont give off anywhere near as much visible light and dont upset the neighbours but you will catch fewer moths,but also can be used with a battery set up if you plan to trap away from home.

I started with an energy saving UV blackight(google them) and to be honest I was happy with what it attracted. I didnt get the numbers that I get with a MV,but I think I would have been a bit overawed when starting out to get huge numbers so basically its a question of what you want to do.

I found the following thread really helpful when starting as I built my own and needed inspiration...

I see your in Hereford?

Im hoping to get to Wyre pretty shortly, so your welcome to come along. Will PM you when i get sorted.
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