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Moths of June 2010 (1 Viewer)


Birdwatching Noob Extraordinaire!
Cheers mate, I've edited my post after double checking what I was thinking -I must have been thinking about another similar moth??!! :t:

The maps on UKmoths are taken from the Butterfly Conservation Moths Count dataset, which is wholly inaccurate for micros. There's a couple of people working on an up to date list for Scotland just now, but it's taking a while.


Birdwatching Noob Extraordinaire!
I had a slightly better night last night, with Treble-bar and Clouded Border new for my garden.

My very first moth trapping event was a year ago this saturday night, at my local nature reserve. The weather was awful back then, way too cold, so we only had 8 moths between 4 MV traps.

You know I'm going out there tomorrow night with my little actinic trap - and I'll wager I improve on last year's count! :)

Tri-Counties Birder

AKA The Portland Naturalist
A fairly poor couple of nights, although two days ago, one of my family jogged the plug loose(its almost on the kitchen worktop), and so the light was probably only on for a couple of hours, and I got 7 moths. Last night I managed 22. Highlights were another Dwarf Pug, a very fresh Light Brocade (i'll try and get a photo), another Clouded-bordered Brindle (this time of the normal form), a Foxglove Pug, and a Spruce Carpet.

Good mothing.


Well-known member
From last night amongst 18 species:

Dark Arches (4) (nfy)
Common Marbled Carpet (nfy)
Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet (nfy)

The Shears (new for my garden) |=)|

Also had what I think is May Highflyer. Is it?



  • Dark Arches 3 June.jpg
    Dark Arches 3 June.jpg
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  • The Shears 3 JUne.jpg
    The Shears 3 JUne.jpg
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  • May Highflyer 3 June.jpg
    May Highflyer 3 June.jpg
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Registered Moth-er
Hello everyone!

Only got 13 moths last night, but one of them was a new species. It's a Wainscot, but I can't figure out which one. I think it's Smoky or Southern Wainscot, but they look so similar. I have no shots of the hindwing, it started warming up after just one photo...
It says in Waring & Townsend that they fly in late June, but on a Swedish site early June on both.

Other interesting moths were:
Eyed Hawk-moth
Peppered Moth
Buff Tip


  • 2010-06-03 (1).JPG
    2010-06-03 (1).JPG
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Ken Noble
I had a short session last night and caught:
  • oak hook-tip
  • iron prominent (2)
  • green carpet (2) nfy
  • shoulder-striped wainscot (2) nfy
  • dark sword-grass (nfy)
  • heart and dart (nfy)
  • grey pine carpet (nfy)
  • silver-Y
  • flame shoulder
  • three micros (two Scoparia types and one minute)
Plus large yellow underwing (nfy) in daylight earlier.
I watched the trap for a while and could see a bat chasing one of the geometers. Despite lots of geos flying around very few entered the trap.


  • green carpet ex9792 (800).JPG
    green carpet ex9792 (800).JPG
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  • grey pine carpet ex9796 (800).JPG
    grey pine carpet ex9796 (800).JPG
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  • shoulder-striped wainscot ex9778 (800).JPG
    shoulder-striped wainscot ex9778 (800).JPG
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  • heart & dart ex9786 (800).JPG
    heart & dart ex9786 (800).JPG
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  • dark sword-grass ex9783 (800).JPG
    dark sword-grass ex9783 (800).JPG
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Well-known member
Not too bad last night:

Treble Lines - 7
Common Swift - 6
Buff Tip - 1
White Ermine - 1
Heart and Dart - 1
Light Brocade - 1
Poplar Hawkmoth - 1
Eyed Hawkmoth - 1 (pic)
Setaceous Hebrew Character - 1 (i think? Looks quite light in colour).

Aphomia sociella
Epiphyas postvittana
Lozotaenia forsterana
Evergestis forficalis


  • Eyed Hawkmoth 20100604.JPG
    Eyed Hawkmoth 20100604.JPG
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  • Setaceous Hebrew Character 20100604.JPG
    Setaceous Hebrew Character 20100604.JPG
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Who was breaking away from the pack.
Around 50 moths in the trap this morning. A few escaped before identification could take place.

Some are in the ID section.

Scorched Wing x 4
Pale Tussock x 7
Brimstone x 3
Oak Hook-tip x 3
Flame Carpet x 2
Flame Shoulder
Flame x 2
Pebble Prominent x 2 [NFY] (Pic 1)
Miller [NFY] (Pic 2)
Middle-barred Minor [NFY]
Spruce Carpet [NFY] (Pic 3)
Green Silver-lines [NFY] (Pic 4)
Green Carpet [NFY]
Buff Ermine x 5
Clouded Silver x 3 [NFY]
Scalloped Hazel
Heart and Dart x 3
Clouded Drab
Ghost Moth [NFY]
Broken-barred Carpet
Elephant Hawkmoth x 2 [NFY] (Pic 5)

Following confirmation:

Gold Spot [NFY]
Shoulder-striped Wainscot [NFY]
Marbled Minor [NFY]
Setaceous Hebrew Character [NFY]


  • DSC02940 - Pebble Prominent.jpg
    DSC02940 - Pebble Prominent.jpg
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  • DSC02942 - Miller.jpg
    DSC02942 - Miller.jpg
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  • DSC02945 - Spruce Carpet.jpg
    DSC02945 - Spruce Carpet.jpg
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  • DSC02950 - Green Silver-lines.jpg
    DSC02950 - Green Silver-lines.jpg
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  • DSC02961 - Elephant Hawkmoth.jpg
    DSC02961 - Elephant Hawkmoth.jpg
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Kent Birder
Last night was rather fantastic here in Knocholt, Kent
Clouded Silver 2
Brimstone 4
Cinnabar 5
Heart and Dart 12
Shuttle-shaped 4
Shears 1
Treble Lines 9
Common Wainscot 2
Scalloped Hazel 2
Green Carpet 1
Rustic-shoulder Knot 4
Common Swift 2
Peppered Moth 1
Silver ground Carpet 2
Setaceous Hebrew Character 1
Flame Shoulder 1
Buff Ermine 1
Willow Beauty 1
Marbled Minor 1
Light Brocade 1
Pebble Hook-tip 1
Oak Hook-tip 1
Barred Hook-tip 1
Marbled White-spot 1
Small Phoenix 1
Light Emerald 3
Orange Footman 1
Figure of Eighty 1
Garden Carpet 1
Grass Rivulet 1
Buff-tip 1

Smashing stuff! Can't wait till tonight.
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The Hairy Highlander

Well-known member
Best night so far!

What a night folks! At the start of the mothing season I never imagined that I'd be getting so many different moths in my crappy little treeless garden - I was wrong!
Last night produced my best garden catch for numbers and species with 70 moths (give or take a good few that I failed to catch) and 31 Sp. with a provisional tally of 6 NFM....B :)

1x BUFF TIP (nfm) Didn't expect it to be so BIG!! :eek!::t:
1x Iron Prominent (nfm)
1x Coxcomb Prominent
10+ Brimstone
6x Rustic Shoulder Knot
2x Knot Grass
1x Peppered Moth
1x Flame Shoulder
2x Small Angle Shades
3x Pale Shoulder Brocade
6x Heart & Dart
1x Scalloped Hazel
1x May Highflyer (nfy & nfg)
1x White Ermine
5x Clouded Bordered Brindle
3x Brown line Bright Eye
2x Turnip Moth (nfm)
3x Garden Carpet
1x Flame Carpet
1x Silver Ground Carpet
1x Brown Silverline
1x Brindled Pug
1x Common Pug
1x Twenty Plume Moth
1x WS House Moth
5x Argyresthia Trifasciata
Plus 1 unidentified Tortrix Sp. and 3 unidentified Micros waiting to be ID'd in the ID forum which will all be NFM's


  • bufftip 028 (Large).jpg
    bufftip 028 (Large).jpg
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  • bufftip 034 (Large).jpg
    bufftip 034 (Large).jpg
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  • bufftip 035 (Large).jpg
    bufftip 035 (Large).jpg
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Angus T

Well-known member
A good night in eastern Ireland as well. About 110 species. I'm not putting the list up but I got a new species for the garden and 10k square which is quite an achievement.
Glaucous Shears.


  • Glaucous shears.jpg
    Glaucous shears.jpg
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A Valley Birder
Warmer times are making a difference

Garden carpet
Small Pheonix
Peppered Moth
Pebble Prominent
Common White Wave
Clouded Bordered Brindle
Pale Tussock M+F
Clouded Silver
May Highflyer
Fox Moth
S.Hebrew Character
Brown Silver Line
Poplar Hawk Moth
Common Marbled Carpet
Rustic Shoulder Knot
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Well-known member
3 new species for me last night:

Ancylis mitterbacheriana
White Ermine - by far the commonest county moth I was missing ;)
Clouded Bordered Brindle- dark form

Tri-Counties Birder

AKA The Portland Naturalist
A pretty good night last night with 35 moths of 23 species, but still having problems with the camera, so no shots. Best was a probable Satin Lutestring which is new to me, and new for the year was Small Seraphim, Ingrailed Clay (second garden record), Grey Pine Carpet, Light Emerald, and Minor sp.

Good mothing

Tri-Counties Birder

AKA The Portland Naturalist
A pretty good night last night with 35 moths of 23 species, but still having problems with the camera, so no shots. Best was a probable Satin Lutestring which is new to me, and new for the year was Small Seraphim, Ingrailed Clay (second garden record), Grey Pine Carpet, Light Emerald, and Minor sp.

Good mothing

Now got some shots. A satin? (pic 1), and Ingrailed Clay (pic 2).


  • satin.jpg
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  • ingrailed.jpg
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