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Mottarone, Lake Maggiore, Italy - Aug, 2019 - Tree Pipit? (1 Viewer)


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These photos were taken at Mottarone, some 1491 metres above sea level. There were quite a number of black redstarts up there but I only saw the one pipit. The more I look at the photos, the more i'm convinced I've finally got a Tree Pipit. However, I'm not often right and I'm fully prepared to be shot down once again. Either way expert help would be much appreciated.


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Thank you. I have been having a bit of banter with my son over this one. He said and I quote "Even the experts struggle to tell them apart, you can only confidently tell them apart by call or behaviour, we once saw one with you at Loch Doon doing the stereotypical flutter vertically from the tree top". I argued my case but his final comment was "Nah, not having it. Stick it on the forum... its a meadow pipit". I have a book that states that the adult Tree Pipit has sandy-brown upperparts that are adorned with dark streaks. The underparts are pale, whitish and unmarked on the throat and belly, but boldly streaked and flushed with yellow-buff on the breast and flanks. There is a rather striking pale supercilium and a dark sub-moustachial stripe. The Pipit in the photo appeared to tie in with that description. Thanks again!


I agree with Tree pipit. Tree pipits are common breeding birds at that elevation in the Alps. Meadow pipits overwinter at lower elevations. Regards, Fabio

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