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Mourning Dove Nest on my wood pile! NOT safe, please help... (1 Viewer)

Hi, we have a Mom and Dad Mourning Dove pair that made a super-flimsy nest on top of our 4ft wood pile on our covered and hidden-from-predators back porch. It has two lovely eggs. We are four days into the nesting, Mom and Dad are doing a great job. BUT, the nest (layer of twigs really) is literally on a space between two pieces of wood which underneath is just more logs and spaces between the logs. The entire pile of wood is like this -- rollercoaster of logs and spaces between the logs -- ie., baby could easily fall through and down, down, down....Ugh....I am so worried about the future babies. Can I stuff some more twigs under the space under the nest? Newspaper? Old towel? Or, just close my eyes and pray??? Thank you in advance. P.S. Mom and Dad never leave the nest, so if I did stuff something into the space, will they come back (I am assuming if I approach the wood pile, they will get scared and fly away, but will they come back)??
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Thank you Kits, as difficult as it is, I will do just that.

I figured this would be the answer, but had to ask anyway. I just want the little ones to be OK even though I know the reality of nature can be harsh. Thank you again for the quick reply.
Mourning dove nests always look like they will fall apart at any moment, yet usually seem to make it with no problems. I do hope the babies do well, but it is best to leave it alone as Kits said.
Hi there and a warm welcome to you . (y)
We're glad you found us and please join in wherever you like ;)

Actually it is a Federal Law not to interfere with a bird's nest and like said above, the Mourning Dove nest should be just fine but please let us know if something goes wrong.
Thank you Lisa and KC. I really appreciate the additional responses. I will keep you posted if/when they've hatched. We can peek out at them from our bathroom window without disturbing them. Patio is basically off limits for now :)
p.s. good to know about the Federal Law, I didn't know this.
Update for you all. What an incredible experience! The babies hatched and are now fledged in my backyard. They are mostly huddled together under a big bush and doing great. They did a fantastic job on the wood pile, Mom and Dad were amazing! We got to see the entire process close, newborn to fledgling, from our bathroom window. I have pictures that I will post to this thread. It has been amazing experience. I am completely in love with them. Mom and Dad are now looking for a new nesting place on our back porch -- we took down the wood pile for the Spring/Summer :( but I gave them some other options for a new nest. Hoping so much that it works and that they find a suitable substitute for the wood. Thank you ALL for your super-solid advice early on to leave them alone. Pictures soon. They are just so, so very sweet!! 💙
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