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Mr & Mrs F. O. Noomé (and their birds) (1 Viewer)


laurent raty
Just ran into this incidentally -- currently the Key indicates:
noomeae / noomei

F. O. Noomé (fl. 1939) South African taxidermist, collector (syn. Amadina fasciata meridionalis, syn. Andropadus importunus, syn. Anomalospiza imberbis, syn. Camaroptera brachyura sharpei, syn. Dendropicos fuscescens intermedius).
However, checking the ODs yields:
  • Camaroptera griseoviridis nooméi Gunning & Roberts 1911 [OD] - no explicit dedication; "Type [...] ex coll. F. O. Noomé" (syn. Camaroptera brachyura sharpei).
  • Andropadus importunus noomei Roberts 1917 [OD] - no explicit dedication; "Type [...] ex coll. F. O. Noome" (syn. Andropadus importunus).
  • Dendropicos hartlaubi noomei Roberts 1924 [OD] - no explicit dedication; "Type: [...] taken [...] by F. O. Noome" (syn. Dendropicos fuscescens intermedius).
  • Amadina fasciata noomei Roberts 1932 [OD] - no dedication; type collected during the Vernay-Lang Kalahari Expedition, which F. O. Noomé was part of (syn. Amadina fasciata meridionalis).
  • Heliospiza noomeae Gunning 1907 [OD] - " in honour of Mrs. Noome, who with her hushand has been fortunate and kind enough to procure many a rare and interesting specimen for our Museum"; "Hab. Rustenburg, 1st Jan., 1907 (Mrs. F. O. Noome)." (syn. Anomalospiza imberbis).
Thus it appears that the two variants of the name actually honour two distinct persons.
Some more (not much) about them (mainly him) [here].
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Some additions ... and a photo of Mr. Noomé!

= Frederick "Fred" Owen Noomé, (born 1882), Chief Taxidermist, Pretoria Museum, picture of him here, or see the attached photo, from 1909.

Also see this link, here, South African Who's who, 1913...also including his his wife Augusta née Adendorff (married in 1907), and possibly more. If fully accessible!


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If fully accessible!
It says (or see attachment):
NOOMÉ, Frederick Owen, Chief Taxidermist, Pretoria Museum ; b. 1882, in Graaff Reinet, C.C.; s. of late Hendrick Noomé. Educ. Wesleyan School, Pretoria; studied at various Continental Museums; m. 1907, Augusta, d. of M. J. Adendorff: 2 children. Started taxidermy 15 years ago. Present position since 1897; most of the later additions to the Pretoria Museum have been made by Mr. Noomé. Clubs: S.A. Ornithologists Union. Hobby: Ornithology. Residence, Mayville, near Pretoria, Box 413.

On genealogical sites (no accent in the family name here) -- Geneanet: [him] / [her]; Geni (with pictures): [him] / [her].
  • Frederick Owen Noome, born 3 Oct 1882, Graaff-Reinet, Cape Colony; deceased [3 or 6?] Aug 1959, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Augusta Emily Noome, née Adendorff, born 19 Aug 1882, Victoria East, Cape Colony; deceased 30 Dec 1930, Pretoria, South Africa.


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Thanks, Laurent!

I sure liked that note of Mr. Noomé's "Hobby: Ornithology" ... then I would claim:

= Frederick "Fred" Owen Noomé (18821959), collector, Chief Taxidermist, Pretoria Museum, in South Africa ...

= Augusta Emily Noomé, née Adendorff (18821930), Wife of the above, ... also an amateur ornithologist and collector

Good one ... that you "just ran into this incidentally". Managed us to push things quite a bit further!

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The Eponym Dictionary of Birds claims:
Parasitic Weaver Heliospiza noomeae Gunning, 1907 NCR [JS Anomalospiza imberbis]
Grey-backed Camaroptera ssp. Camaroptera griseoviridis noomei Gunning & J. A. Roberts, 1911 NCR [JS Camaroptera brevicaudata sharpei]
Sombre Greenbul ssp. Andropadus importunus noomei J. A. Roberts, 1917 NCR [NUI Andropadus importunus importunus]
Cardinal Woodpecker ssp. Dendropicos fuscescens noomei J. A. Roberts, 1924 NCR [NUI Dendropicos fuscescens intermedius]
Cut-throat Finch ssp. Amadina fasciata noomei J. A. Roberts, 1932 NCR [JS Amadina fasciata meridionalis]
F. O. Noomé (DNF) was a South African taxidermist and collector, often with Roberts (q.v.), for the Transvaal Museum. The feminine form of binomial used for the weaver (noomeae) is no error, as Gunning named it for 'Mrs. Noomé, who with her husband has been fortunate and kind enough to procure many a rare and interesting specimen for our Museum'.
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